Pre-Hurricane Work

  • When: 9/4/19
  • QIC: Bubble Guts
  • The Pax: Unicorn, Oz, Haggis, Blackdog, 2 Fingers, McRib, Plan B, Bubble Guts (QIC), Flank Steak, Double Dipper, Cuddy, Ingrown, Lil Wayne, 420, Faulkner, Peeping Tom, Sandbagger, Winthorpe, BitCoin, Gander, Mr. Roboto

With some minor anxiety due to a pending tropical system offshore, we got our workout in this morning. We had a hard start at 5:30am


Sun Gods x20

SSH x20

Cotton Pickers x20

Merkins x20

Calf/Back Stretch

Dry Docks x20

MOSEY to Garber for Station workouts

Station A: 20 Burpees

Station B: 40 Jump Lunges

Station C: 60 Merkins

Station D: 80 Sumo Squats

Station E: 100 LBCs

After completion, we rinsed and repeated, but cut reps in half.

Then – wall work —

40 calf raises

20 Dips

20 Irkens

20 Dirkens


Crab Heel Touches

LBCs – straight x20 oblique left – x20 oblique right x20

Freddie mercury x20

Announcements – Roboto Noted the Iron Pax Challenge – may do it tomorrow morning at Garber

Everyone keep a prayer up for a community with the storm

Ended in prayer….

Bubble Guts

Bushwood Wednesday Fun

  • When: 05/22/19
  • QIC: Bubble Guts
  • The Pax: 420, Blue Hawaiian, Bubble Guts (QIC), Cuddy, Deuce, Faulkner, Flanksteak, Kevorkian, Lil Wayne, Morning, Roboto, Peeping Tom, Stickbuilt, Unicorn, Winthorpe, Bitcoin, Plan B, Gander, Stye, Black Dog, Double Dipper

21 men gathered in the gloom on a humid, yet mild morning. We are all aware these nice mornings are ending soon and we will be in the heat of summer before we know. After some brief mumble chatter, we jumped right in. This was my first Q in a few months, so apologies for some rusty cadence.


5 Burpees OYO

SSH x30

Sun Gods x15– reverse

Windmills x17

Imperial Walkers – x 15

Stretches, McKenzie Back Stretches/Push Outs

Scout Run to Tennis Courts


Partner exercises:

A: Plank Jacks  B: Lt Dans – full court

A: Mtn Climbers  B: Lunges  – half court

A: Merkins   B: Plank Jacks – half court

A: WWI    B:  Bear Crawl – half court

A: Carolina Dry Dock   B: Karaoke – Full court

A Burpees   B: Suicides

A: LBCs   B: Backward run – full court

— Full court sprint races —

Mosey to Garber Church Parking Lot:

2 Laps – catch me if you can – 2 burpees – sprint – backward run

Balls to the wall/People’s chair — RINSE and REPEAT


AB series — LBCs, 6 inches, Low Slow flutters, Boat/Canoe –> 100s

Annoucements: Faulkner has a pair of Large gloves – never used – contact him if you want them

Ended in prayer. Everyone have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Bubble GUts out

Bushwood Magic

  • When: 02/27/19
  • QIC: Bubble Guts
  • The Pax: Oz, Unicorn, Faulkner, Blue Hawaiin, Peeping Tom, Pyro, Lil Wayne, Black Dog, CornFed, 2 Fingers, Plan B, BitCoin, Maytag, Schrute, Hatchet, Bubble Guts (QIC)

16 souls gathered on a nice February morning for a beatdown. After some help from Unicorn getting tennis court lights up and running, we jumped right in at 5:30a sharp.


Spinal Rotation stretches – Bilateral

SSH x25

Cotton Pickers X20

Merkins x20 with Planks and weight tilts

Upward Dog, Downward dog, McKenzie Back Stretches (push out)

MOSEY to Tennis Courts for Cumulative Partner Exercises:

Partner A: Does exercise while B does suicide sprints

  1. Merkins x 75
  2. Burpees x40
  3. WW1  x75
  4. American Hammers x 75

Wall sits/Air Chair

Balls to the wall

Mosey to Flower Bed:

Irkens x15, Dirkens x15, Dips x 15



Imperial Walkers x20

James Bond



Announcements – Keep Bitcoin’s dad in our prayers and the Zaytoun family after the passing of Weezie Cranford

End in Prayer


Thanks for the opportunity!

Bubble Guts

Birthday Q

  • When: 01/09/19
  • QIC: Bubble Guts
  • The Pax: Gander, Ingrown, Flanksteak, Kevorkian, Faulkner, Cuddy, Peeping Tom, Mr. Roboto, Schrute, Unicorn, Plan B, Cornfed, Pyro, Blackdog, Stye, Morning, Goose, 2 Fingers, Oz, Bitcoin, Deuce, Barely Legal (FNG), 420, Cracker, Bubble Guts (QIC)

25 souls gathered at Bushwood in the gloom for some work. As is tradition, today is my birthday therefore, I Q! After some brief mumble chatter, we dove right in.


Sun Gods: 15 forward, 10 reverse

SSH x20

Merkins X15

Calf Stretches

McKenzie Back Stretches/Push outs

—>> Mosey To tennis Courts (could not get lights working) — Audible to 11’th hole!!

THANG: Combination Partner Exercises

A. Partner A: 4×4 (1 burpee, 4 merkins, 4 Mtn Climbers = 1 4×4)   — 40

Partner B: Lt. Dan

B. Partner A: WWI  — 60

Partner B: Bear Crawl up/ Crab Crawl Back

C.  Partner A: Copperhead Squats — 100

Partner B: Karaoke Up and Back

–>> Mosey Back to Lot — Circle up

6 inches, heel touches

D. Sprints: 2 lines — 40 yard sprints x3

E. Flower Bed: 20 Irkins, 20 Dirkens, 20 dips, 30 calf raises (oyo), rinse and repeat


  1. James Bond
  2. 100’s

No Announcements, other than we welcome Barely Legal! We circled up for prayer. Thank you all for the opportunity to lead! We need a Q for the POINT!

Bubble Guts

Point Break

  • When: 06/06/18
  • QIC: Bubble Guts
  • The Pax: Cornfed, Faulkner, Goose, Bangkok, Unicorn, 2 Fingers, Oz, Flanksteak, Dougie, Sandbagger, Cuddy, Rusty (FNG), Stye, UTC, Paddington, Plan B, Bitcoin, Acolyte, Stickbuilt, Kevorkian, Gander, Lil Wayne

Point Break:

On Friday, June 8,  23 men did not Fart Sack and joined in for a cardio focused beat down. Since I’m not a Fartlek participator, I’ve got to get my cardio in somehow!

Identifying a FNG, mission was announced courtesy of Flank and disclaimer was made. After some casual mumble chatter and lots of gas being let out by the PAX, we jumped right into it.


SSH x20

WindMills x20

Plank – calf stretches

Plank – mountain climber planks/spiderman plank alternating legs x 20

Michael Phelps stretches OYO


Ran to multiple corners on front, craven and broad and did a desceding count of

10 burpees/10 merkins/10 crab cakes (9,8,7,6,etc…)

Once we arrived back at the flag pole, we partnered up for

Catch me if you can: — 2 laps

Partner A: runs backward

Partner B: 2 merkins — sprint to partner A and alternate

30 calf raises

20 tricep dips


Freddie mercs x20

LBC’s x50

Boat Canoe

Box Cutter (flank)

Namrama and circle of man:

We welcome Rusty (FNG and spawn of Cuddy). Hopefully he joins us often before he heads off to boarding school in August. Thank you all for the opportunity to lead!

No announcements


Point Break

  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point
  • WHEN: Friday, 6/7/2018
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: 68 degrees, 15% chance of rain
  • PREVIEW: An assortment of F3 fun

    • Come join us at the Point for a friendly Friday morning beatdown

MILFS at Bushwood

  • When: 05/23/2018
  • QIC: Bubbleguts
  • The Pax: @F3flanksteak, Gander, Ingrown, 2 Fingers, Sputnik, Roboto, Plan B, UTC, Stye, Gator, Oz, Kevorkian, Lil Wayne, 420, Swiffer, Bitcoin, Honeywagon, Bangkok, Cuddy, Goose, Faulkner, Peeping Tom, Unicorn, Stickbuilt

25 braved the gloom for a muggy, warm workout at Bushwood.

Without wasting anytime, we started off with the “slaughter starter” – 10 Burpees OYO

Side Straddle HopsX20

Sun Gods x20

Cotton Pickers x10

American Hammers x20


THANG (MILF WORK) – Partner A – exercises  Partner B – sprint x2 or LUNGE

Partner A: Merkins          Partner B – Sprint x2 -30 yards    – Cumulative 100 Merkins

Partner A: Imperial Walkers   Parnter B- Lunge 30 yards — cumulative 200 IW

partner A: Low Country Crab  Partner B – Sprint 30 yards x2 — cumulative 100

Partner A: Freddie Mercs      Partner B – Lunge   — cumulative 200

Partner A: Sumo Squats      Partner B — Sprint x2 Cumulative 100

Mosey To Jacobs Ladder Hill

Partner A: 4x4s (1 burpee, 4 Merkin, 4 MTN climbers)

Partner B: runs backward up hill x2

50 Calf Raises

Balls to wall (5 sec count x25)


Boat Canoe

Low Slow Flutter x10

Box Cutters

Deep Stretching


Circle of Man

NO announcements

Thanks gentlemen for the support this morning. Im gassed. Happy Memorial Day to all. Lets honor the men who have fallen for this great nation.