Point Break

Point Break:

On Friday, June 8,  23 men did not Fart Sack and joined in for a cardio focused beat down. Since I’m not a Fartlek participator, I’ve got to get my cardio in somehow!

Identifying a FNG, mission was announced courtesy of Flank and disclaimer was made. After some casual mumble chatter and lots of gas being let out by the PAX, we jumped right into it.


SSH x20

WindMills x20

Plank – calf stretches

Plank – mountain climber planks/spiderman plank alternating legs x 20

Michael Phelps stretches OYO


Ran to multiple corners on front, craven and broad and did a desceding count of

10 burpees/10 merkins/10 crab cakes (9,8,7,6,etc…)

Once we arrived back at the flag pole, we partnered up for

Catch me if you can: — 2 laps

Partner A: runs backward

Partner B: 2 merkins — sprint to partner A and alternate

30 calf raises

20 tricep dips


Freddie mercs x20

LBC’s x50

Boat Canoe

Box Cutter (flank)

Namrama and circle of man:

We welcome Rusty (FNG and spawn of Cuddy). Hopefully he joins us often before he heads off to boarding school in August. Thank you all for the opportunity to lead!

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