Ruck It BackBlast – A Little Harder

  • When: 10/7/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Hilfiger (RESPECT), Mr. Roboto, Schrute, Bitcoin (QIC)

What a morning for Ruck It.  Misting, cooler temps, wet grass, and a 40 lb. sandbag thrown in for good measure.  A Pax of 5 posted and we got started at the appointed time with the Welcome and Mission Statement.  No Disclaimer given as each of the Pax is well-experienced.


  • Sungods, IC, 10x Forwards, 10x Reverso
  • Cotton/Carrot Pickers, IC, 10x


YHC had pre-positioned the Bag-O-Sand at the starting point, as well as a cone down range about 25-30 yards.  Theme of the day – Station Work.  Each Pax performed the subject exercise at the station, rotated to the next station until each Pax had a turn at each station.  After each round, Pax took a quick lap around the block.  Modifications noted below.

Round 1

  • Station 1 – Sandbag Clean and Underhand Throw – down to cone and back
  • Station 2 – Ruck Curls – AMRAP until Pax 1 & 3 return to starting point
  • Station 3 – Ruck Bear Crawl to cone and back
  • Station 4 – Overhead Ruck Press – AMRAP until Pax 1 & 3 return to starting point
  • Station 5 – Upright Ruck Rows – AMRAP until Pax 1 & 3 return to starting point
  • Lap around Block

Round 2

  • Station 1 – Same
  • Station 2 – Same
  • Station 3 – Ruck-On-Front Crab Walk to cone and back
  • Station 4 – Same
  • Station 5 – Same
  • Lap around Block with YHC offering an analogy/philosophy for AMRAP and Mr. Roboto providing a story with no punchline.

Round 3

  • Station 1 – Same
  • Station 2 – Same
  • Station 3 – Ruck Lunge Walk to cone and back
  • Station 4 – Same
  • Station 5 – Same
  • Lap around Block with 2 stops for Ruck Caterpillars, 5x, OYO and return to grassy area for:


  • LSF with Static Ruck Chest Press, IC, 20x
  • Box Cutters with Static Ruck Chest Press, IC, 20x
  • American Hammers (no ruck), IC, 20x


  • Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama & Announce-O-Rama (Remember Deuce and his injury; Doorknob had successful heart stent procedure; Hilfiger reported a successful weekend of Gospel presentation at the Pamlico County prison; Mr. Roboto’s M will be starting a pursuit of an MBA; Need some QIC’s for Ruck It, especially for next Monday, Oct. 14)
  • YHC offered prayer and Pax was dismissed

Overall, Pax got in some excellent work today.  Even with cooler temps than last week, the sweat factor was much increased from our previous get-together.  Lil Wayne on Q for Bushwood, so you better bring your A-Game.

See You In The Gloom.

Bitcoin, out!

Ruck It PreBlast

  • WHAT: Ruck It
  • WHERE: Union Point Park Gazebo
  • WHEN: Monday, October 7; Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: mid-60's
  • WHY: Let's work
  • PREVIEW: Hopefully harder than last week

    • Minimum Ruck Weight:  30lbs.

The Point BackBlast – Cool Hand Luke

  • When: 10/4/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Black Dog (RESPECT), Cornfed, Cuddy (RESPECT), Double Dipper, Faulkner (RESPECT), Gander (RESPECT), Goose, Lil Wayne, Oz, Plan B, Pyro, II Fingers, Bitcoin (QIC)

A Rough & Ready Pax of 13 posted in the morning gloom – no Triskaidekaphobes here – for the weekly iteration of The Point.  Right off the bat, an Omaha was necessary as Union Point Park was blocked off, so we gathered in the Convention Center Overflow Parking lot. Once assembled, we started at the appointed time with Greeting, Mission Statement & Disclaimer.  With a decent workload ahead, YHC quickly began with:


  • SSH, IC, 5x
  • Cotton Pickers, IC, 7x
  • Michael Phelps, IC, 5x
  • Downward Dog
  • Easy Mosey from Gathering Point to Nautical Wheelers corner for:


YHC gave a brief explanation for the inspiration for today’s beatdown.  Cool Hand Luke is, at its basic level, a prison movie.  Certainly a must see.  In any event, “Prison” was the key element for the morning.  A little trepidation emanated from Pax about “partnering up,” but this was a solitary endeavor.

Round 1

  • At each corner of the block (Craven, Pollock, Middle, S. Front), Pax to perform 5 Prison Cell Merkin Burpees (PCMBs) – Experienced a “Failure to communicate” with Cornfed here, but he eventually got the idea … maybe
  • Prisoner Run (Hands behind head with fingers interlocked) towards next corner
  • At halfway point, Pax to perform 10x 4ct Prisoner Squats (keep hands behind head for the Squat)
  • Continue Prisoner Run until corner is reached
  • LSF at each corner for the 6
  • Rinse & Repeat each item until each of the 4 corners of the block have been successfully negotiated
  • Once back to starting point, LSF, IC, 15x
  • Some Mumble Chatter about YHC and running.  I know, right?  Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Round 2

  • Same as Round 1 with certain modifications
  • Modify PCMBs to HRPCMBs (Hand Release Prison Cell Merkin Burpees), 5x
  • Modify Prisoner Squats from 10x 4ct to 15x single count
  • Finished with LSF, IC, 15x
  • Lil Wayne was deputized during this round to keep an eye on Cornfed

Round 3

  • Return to Standard PCMBs, but 3x
  • Modify Prisoner Squats to 10x single count
  • Modify for out and back (Nautical Wheelers to City Hall & back) resulting in a 1/2 block instead of a full block (Pyro really pushing for Mary at this point)
  • Finished with LSF, IC, 15x
  • Mosey back to Gathering Spot (of course, with Jailbreak thrown in for good measure)

MARY (Pyro wants it … well, he gets it.)

  • American Hammers, IC, 20x
  • Dying Cockroach, IC, 20x
  • Freddy Mercurys, IC, 20x
  • Box Cutters, IC, 20x
  • LSF, IC, 20x
  • 100s

With each PCMB requiring 3 Merkins, total Merkins performed = 138.  Please note that Cornfed’s count will be different.  Total squats = 160, with the first set of 4ct squats providing 2 squats per rep.  Again, Cornfed’s count might be different here as well.  Total Ab Exercises = 245 — more for the faster runners who got the chance for bonus LSF while waiting on the 6, not to mention the core work provided by the PCMBs/HRPCMBs.  Total mileage according to Gander’s tracker = 1.59 miles.  Not quite a Fartlek, but not what most Pax were expecting from the QIC either.  You just never know, do you.

Closed with Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, Announce-O-Rama with YHC praying us out.  YHC will have an extra ruck & ruck plates for anyone interested in GrowRuck 17.  Prayers for Deuce who suffered an injury Monday.

Fantastic effort put forth by the Pax this morning.  It was both a pleasure and an inspiration to lead this group of men.

Looking forward to cooler weather …

Bitcoin out!

The Point PreBlast

  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point Park Gazebo
  • WHEN: 10/4/19 -- Gather 0525; Hard Start 0530; Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Dark & Muggy
  • WHY: We do more before 0615 than most do all day
  • PREVIEW: Cool Hand Luke

Ruck It BackBlast – Logging In

  • When: 09/30/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Hilfiger (Respect), Purdy Mouth, Schrute, Bitcoin (QIC)

A hearty Pax of 5 posted this morning for the weekly rendition of Ruck It.  Kotters to Purdy Mouth (sadly, sans tights) and Schrute.  Gathered in the Gazebo where the Mission & Disclaimer were given.


  • Sungods, IC, 10x Forward; 10x Backwards
  • Shoulder/Tricep Stretch OYO
  • Touch you toes (Hamstring Stretch), OYO


Pax assembled at rear of YHC’s pickup truck where several logs were waiting.  Each log was, generally speaking, long enough for 2 Pax.  One log was a little longer, and therefore provided ample room for 3 Pax.

  • Log Sit Ups, OMU, 15x
  • Log Sit Ups OMU, 15x — Much uncontrolled laughter here between Purdy Mouth and HIlfiger.  Something about Three Men and a Log …
  • Log Chest Press, OMU, 15x
  • Partner A – Log Flips, 10x down, 10x back; Partner B – Plank — Flip Flop (Al Gore for the 6)

Pair Up for Ruck Log Carry with several stops for exercise.  Free Pax to rotate with a log-totin’ Pax as needed.  Route covered Gazebo, down E. Front Street to Traffic Circle, down Broad Street to Middle Street, Middle Street to S. Front Street and back to Gazebo.  Exercises performed were (Non log-carrying Pax performed exercised with Ruck):

  • Alternating Log Shoulder Press, OMU, 20x
  • Log Curls, OMU, 20x
  • Upright Log Rows, OMU, 20x

Upon return to Gazebo, coupons were deposited back into YHC’s pickup truck.  With a couple of minutes remaining, we performed:

  • Ruck Swings, OMU, 20x
  • Bent Over Ruck Rows, OMU, 20x

Counted off, Name-O-Rama and Prayer.  Lifted up an opportunity for Prison Ministry to present the Gospel.

YHC needs to increase the intensity of these workouts.  Will work on it.  In the meatime, feel free to sign up to Q.

Very good start to the week, men.  Peeping Tom on Q for Bushwood.

Bitcoin out!

Ruck It PreBlast

  • WHAT: Ruck It
  • WHERE: Union Point Park Gazebo
  • WHEN: Monday, Sept. 30, 2019; Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Low 70s & Humid - Just fine for a ruck
  • WHY: Just Because
  • PREVIEW: Please enter your Login ID

    • Minimum Ruck Weight:  30lbs.

Ruck It BackBlast

  • When: 9/23/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Bitcoin (QIC)

A Pax of 2 rolled out of the Fartsack this morning for the weekly version of Ruck It.  Very informal morning with conversation interspersed with a couple of stops for Ruckercise.

Stop #1 @ History & Education Center (Butterball’s Bench)

  • Merkins, 10x
  • Step Ups, 10x
  • Tricep Dips, 10x

Stop #2 @ corner of Broad & George

  • Ruck Curls, 10x
  • Upright Ruck Rows, 10x
  • Bent Over Ruck Rows, 10x

Total distance covered was just short of 3 miles and included the 2 aforementioned quick stops.

Ruck It BackBlast – Catch Me If You Can

  • When: 09/16/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Doorknob, Double Dipper, Hilfiger (RESPECT), Bitcoin (QIC)

A Pax of 4 greeted the new day/new work week for Ruck It.  Several Pax were mildly disappointed that Purdy Mouth (and his tights) were not in attendance.  Side note – Go see “I Hate Hamlet” at the New Bern Civic Theater and you will know about what YHC is referring.  Greeting, Mission Statement and Disclaimer given, and we began, with YHC providing the description of what to expect as we rucked.


One Pax would begin by carrying  the 40 lb. sandbag, in addition to his 30 lb. ruck.  After approx. 5 minutes, a signal was given upon which the Pax with the sandbag would stop and perform 10 sandbag cleans, while the remaining Pax would lunge walk ahead.  After the 10 ruck cleans, that Pax would give a signal for the remaining Pax to resume rucking.  The Sandbagging Pax would then have to close the gap in order to surrender the sandbag to the next Pax, who would then ruck for a period of time before doing his cleans.  Repeat until all Pax have performed their set of cleans and have caught up with the Pax.


One Pax would again carry the sandbag until the signal.  At the signal, a 2nd Pax would stay behind and perform squats while the first Pax again performed 10 sandbag cleans.  The remaining Pax would continue rucking, thereby creating a longer distance between the two pods.  Pax A and B would then, as a team, share the sandbag and catch up to the other Pax.  Upon closing the gap, Pax B would then carry the sandbag until it was his turn to stop with another Pax.  This was repeated until all Pax carried once and caught up twice.

Returning from our 2.3 mile route, we still had time to complete a quick lap around the Union Point Park block, with each Pax taking a final leg with the sandbag.

Total distance covered of approximately 2.5 miles for the morning.

Circled up for Name-O-Rama, Announcements and Prayerful Conclusion.

Great work!

Ruck It PreBlast

  • WHAT: Ruck It
  • WHERE: Union Point Park Gazebo
  • WHEN: Monday, Sept. 16, 2019; Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Dark, 73 degrees w/ 100% humidity
  • WHY: Hey, it's Monday
  • PREVIEW: Catch Me If You Can Variation

    • Minimum Ruck Weight:  30 lbs.

Grow Ruck 17 Quicksand – Pinehurst

YHC has officially registered.  Who’s next?  To be sure, there will be more (and better) representation from F3NewBern??  Can we get 5 participants?  More?  The F3 Nation is looking for Pax from Eastern NC regions to make connections and expand outwards.  Growth in leadership skills will be a desired outcome.  Expect to be broken down as an individual, and rebuilt as a valued component of a team.

See the GrowRuck link for all the available details.

GrowRuck 17 (Quicksand) Pre-blast

HC (Hard Commit) by Sept. 22 with your $75 deposit, with $75 balance due by Oct. 11.  Or, avoid the suspense and pay the full $150 now.  Registrations at full price will be taken up to the day of the event, but you will not be guaranteed a T-Shirt due to lead time restrictions (and you know you will want a memento of the occasion).   As a reminder, everything but the GoRuck Tough event is free of charge.  The $150 is only if you want to take part in that piece of it.

Hit me up when you make it official.  Consider yourself EH’d!

Sign Up. Train Up. Show Up.

Bitcoin (currently in need of Clown Car Partners)