Friday BB – The Armory

During the week, there was some discussion among some of the Ruck Dogs that eventually led to renaming the Friday AO from The Flex to The Armory.  Today represented the christening of the newly named AO.  As a point of information, this will be much like Black Ops in that the Union Point Park Flagpoles will serve as the gathering place.  From there, Ruckers, Runners, Cyclists and others can begin/end.  More info to be provided by our Nantan at some time in the not too distant future.

Welcome Will Hamby, F3 Name of Halo, brother of Tiny Dancer.

With Goose setting the pace, Ruckers covered 3.1 miles at a 14:52/mile rate.  The 60 lb sandbag was rotated among Black Dog, Free Willy, Ottoman and YHC.  Free Willy was having flashbacks to his days in Ranger School, but no PTSD.

YHC neglected to give Mission Statement, etc. at beginning of morning, but did finally remember it post Hard Stop.

Great work by all Pax this morning.  Pleasure to be a part of it.

Announcement:  GrowRuck 26 coming to Greenville, NC March 25-27.  Registration is open at  Several New Bern Pax have already registered.  Who’s next?

Have a great weekend, HIMs.

Bitcoin, out.

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