Ruck It BackBlast – Putting On Weight

‘Twas cool and windy this morning by the river when our Pax of 7 gathered.  Multiple Sandbags were on hand for our pleasure.   Theme for the morning – Foundational Sandbag Exercises.  Mission Statement, etc. given and Pax rucked up for:


Single lap (no Sandbags) around Union Point Park


Partner Work:

  • Partner A – Ruck Bear Crawl down & back; Partner B – Sandbag Cleans, 15x, then Ruck Al Gore for Partner; Flip Flop
  • Partner A – Sandbag Toss down & back; Partner B – Ruck Merkins, 5x then Plank for Partner; Flip Flop
  • Partner A – Alternating Shoulder Sandbag Drops, 20x; Partner B – Ruck Greg Louganis AMRAP; Flip Flop
  • Partner A – Sandbag Burpees, 5x; Partner B – Breathe; Flip Flop

Group Work:

  • Rucks on and form two columns
  • Lead Pax of each column has 60 lb Sandbag and begins rucking, with other Pax in close pursuit
  • Switch out on a rotating/as-needed basis
  • Route:  Union Point Park, R on E Front, L on Broad, L on Middle, L on S Front, R on Craven to waterfront and continue to back to Union Point Park via Troll Bridge
  • Deposit Sandbags on Terra Firma

Individual Work:

  • Ruck Pass Thru, OYO, 20x
  • Upright Ruck Row, OMU, 20x

Hard Stop 0615

Closed via Count, Name, Pray.



  • Gander needs Pax for Bell Ringing.  Starts Saturday, Dec. 4.
  • Kraken (CSAUP) in Carterico on Saturday, Dec. 11.  Ruck or Run
  • GrowRuck Event coming to ENC March 2022 – Be on the lookout for more info.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday to Ottoman
  • Kotters to Goose – Modify as necessary!
  • Get well soon to Black Dog – Missed you this morning.  Your kind of beatdown.

Bitcoin, out!

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