Ruck It BackBlast – Micro Climate Warming

It was chilly this morning at our appointed start time.  A Pax of 4 hearty souls posted, ready to do work.  No FNG’s, no Mission Statement nor Disclaimer.  Pax ready to ruck.  GrowRuck training has started in earnest now.


  • Ruck from starting point near Union Point Park Gazebo to History & Education Center and back to Convention Center Gazebo.  Pax rotated 60 lb sandbag during this phase.  Approx. 1 mile in roughly 14 minutes.
  • 15 minutes of:
    • LSF w/ Static Ruck Press, IC, 50x
    • Ruck Thruster, OMU, 25x
    • Merkins, OMD, 10x
    • Rinse & Repeat – 3 full cycles complete in our allotted time.  Very warm now.
  • Ruck to Metcalf Street and back to Union Point Park.  Again, Pax rotated sandbag carry.  Approx. 1 mile in 15 minutes
  • Finish with American Hammers, IC, 25x

Count, Name, Announce, Pray

Announcements:  GrowRuck 26 registration is open (  Find it under the events tab or register tab.  Black Dog, Ottoman and YHC are officially in.  Received a HC from Mr. Roboto this morning and another possible commit from Pyro over the weekend.  Don’t miss it.

Great work by the Pax.  Be sure to post next Monday for Mr. Roboto’s signature Beatdown – The 12 Days of Ruckmas.  Just be careful of what you eat Sunday night … you could see it again.

Bitcoin, out!

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