Black Ops and Iron Pax Challenge Week 3 – Meter’s 43

  • When: 09/19/19
  • QIC: Mr. Roboto
  • The Pax: McRib, Bitcoin, Faulkner, Sandbagger, Mr. Roboto, Peeping Tom, Blue Hawaiian, Plan B

8 men showed up in the gloom today, plus one of Trent Woods’ finest. The officer didn’t stick around, and neither did Plan B, Bitcoin Blue Hawaiian, or Peeping Tom. They decided Iron Pax was too much for them and they took a long mosey. The officer was just finishing his shift and Waffle House was calling. II Fingers popped in for a while and there was a mention of Oz running around out there. Pretty sure there was a Unicorn sighting as well!

So that left 5 for Meter’s 43 which went like so:

Accumulated rep scoring for a total of 43 minutes

      • 10 Pull-ups
      • 15 Burpee Coupon Jump Overs
      • 20 Coupon Curls
      • 25 Coupon Squat Thrusters
      • 30 Gas Pumps (reverse crunches)

Rinse and repeat for 43 minutes

**Scored by cumulative number of reps completed during the 43 minutes. For reference, each full round is 100 reps.

McRib – 755
Bitcoin – Did not Report  but crushed it  739
Sandbagger – 719
Mr. Roboto – 712
Faulkner – Did not Report but also crushed it. 625

YHC will just say this, squat thrusters won’t be back for a while, and burpee coupon jump overs are no joke.

I won’t be around this weekend or for next Thursday, so if someone wants the Coupons they can come grab them from the Carport side of my house. I have tentively signed up to Q on the 28th for the final week of Iron Pax, but if someone wants to run one on Thursday, please feel free. I believe coupons will indeed be needed. Just don’t let Kevorkian carry them or they’ll end up in pieces.

Really good work this morning, even you runners.

Mr. Roboto
ども ありがと

Iron Pax Challenge Week 3 – Meter’s 43

  • WHAT: Iron Pax Challenge
  • WHERE: Meadows Park
  • WHEN: Thursday 09/19 - Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Nice - Low 60s and likely not raining.
  • WHY: To push yourself harder with others than you'd push by yourself.

    • Meet at Meadows Park

      Meter’s 43 (accumulated rep scoring for 43 minutes)

      • 10 Pull-ups
      • 15 Burpee Coupon Jump Overs
      • 20 Coupon Curls
      • 25 Coupon Squat Thrusters
      • 30 Gas Pumps (reverse crunches)

      Rinse and repeat for 43 minutes

      **Score will be cumulative number of reps completed during the 43 minutes. For reference, each full round is 100 reps.



      2019 IronPaxChallenge Week 3- “Meter’s 43”


Preblast – Iron Pax Challenge Week 2: Meatloaf’s Massacre

  • WHAT: Iron Pax Challenge
  • WHERE: New Bern Golf and Country Club
  • WHEN: Thursday 9/12 - Gather 5:10, Hard Start 5:15, Hard Stop: When the 6 is in.
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Upper 60s and Clear
  • WHY: You vs. You
  • PREVIEW: I expect this one's going to be tough.

    • Early Start: 5:15. Meet at NBGCC.

      4 Rounds for Time (Elapsed time scoring):

      Each Round:
      10 Manmakers
      20 Overhead Presses
      30 KB Swings
      40 Goblet Squats
      50 Incline Block Merkins

      Round 1: 1600 meter run
      Round 2: 1200 meter run
      Round 3: 800 meter run
      Round 4: 400 meter run

      Official Preblast and video at the following link:

      2019 IronPaxChallenge Week 2 – “Meatloaf’s Massacre”


Iron Pax Challenge Week 1 – Killer B’s

  • When: 09/05/19
  • QIC: Mr. Roboto
  • The Pax: Blue Hawaiian, Bitcoin, Kevorkian, Faulkner, Cuddy, Mr. Roboto

And killer they were. 6 Pax showed up to tackle the challenge this morning. Clear skies were already out to meet us. YHC woke up throughout the night and everytime was suprised that it wasn’t yet raining.

Working within our limitations at an AO that was well lit, cones were measured and spaced out 10 yards apart for 30 yards.

The routine was as follows:


5 Rounds for Time:

Broad jump 10 yards
10 Burpees, 10 BonnieBlairs (count each leg), 10 BigBoi SitUps
Broad jump 10 yards
10 Burpees, 10 BonnieBlairs (count each leg), 10 BigBoi SitUps
Broad jump 10 yards
10 Burpees, 10 BonnieBlairs (count each leg), 10 BigBoi SitUps
*Bearcrawl 30 yards back to “Starting Line”

Rinse and Repeat.

Enter score here:

Here were the times for today.

PAX Time
Mr. Roboto 31:02
Bitcoin 31:16
Faulkner 33:15
Blue Hawaiian 36:03
Cuddy 37:00
Kevorkian 41:26

Seriously good push from the Pax today. 60% of us were RESPECT. YHC expects all will sleep soundly through Dorian this evening.

The word is that next week will include Cinder Blocks.


GrowRuck 17 (Quicksand), November 15-17, 2019 in Pinehurst/Southern Pines, NC. Looking for at least 5 pax to participate.

  • Open to all at no charge is the Friday evening 2nd F and the workout and Grow School on Saturday morning.
  • GORUCK tough starts Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning.

NO POINT TOMORROW! Stay home, stay safe.

Mr. Roboto
ども ありがと

IronPax Challenge Week 1 is ON!

  • WHAT: Iron Pax Challenge Week 1
  • WHERE: Garber Ministry Center
  • WHEN: Thursday, September 5th - Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop for the 6.
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Rainy but not to windy yet.
  • PREVIEW: “Killer B’s”

    • Park along the outside spots, we’ll work down the middle.

      ELAPSED TIME scoring

      5 Rounds for Time:

      Broad jump 10 yards    10 burpees, 10 BonnieBlairs (count each leg, WATCH THE VIDEO), 10 BigBoi SitUps
      Broad jump 10 yards    10 burpees, 10 BonnieBlairs (count each leg, WATCH THE VIDEO), 10 BigBoi SitUps
      Broad jump 10 yards    10 burpees, 10 BonnieBlairs (count each leg, WATCH THE VIDEO), 10 BigBoi SitUps
      *Bearcrawl 30 yards back to “Starting Line”

      Register Here:

      Watch the video here:


Under the Radar / Black Ops – Iron Pax Challenge Week 0

  • When: 08/29/19
  • QIC: Mr. Roboto
  • The Pax: Faulkner, McRib, Kevorkian, Plan B, Bitcoin, Cuddy, Mr. Roboto (QIC)

7 men came to YHC’s house this morning to kick off New Bern’s participation in the Iron Pax Challenge. After a quick explanation of how it all works, Pax had a quick warmarama.

  • Bend over and pick stuffs x8 IC
  • Boxer Skip Jump Ropes x10 IC
  • Windmills x10 IC
  • Sungods x10 IC forward then backward

Week 0 workout commenced. 6 rounds of the following for time to complete.

  1. 24 Squats
  2. 24 Merkins
  3. 24 Walking Lunge Steps (count right leg only)
  4. 400 meter run (measured, not estimated) – YHC had two glowing cones set out to denote starting point and turnaround point totaling 400 meters.

This very simple workout routine was really quite tough, at least for everyone but Kevorkian and Plan B, who totally crushed it. Well done by everyone.

Below are the times for your submission, which can be done here:

If you haven’t registered yet, give it about 15 mintues for the submission for to poulate with your name so that you can submit your time.

PAX Time
Plan B 27:00
Kevorkian 28:06
Bitcoin 30:24
Cuddy 31:06
Mr. Roboto 31:10
McRib 31:29
Faulkner 32:29

Truly, thanks for coming out this morning and coming to my house no less. YHC would certainly not have performed as well without everyone else there this morning pushing alongside.

Remember to submit your score by Saturday, August 31 11:59:59 PM. Again, it won’t count towards your final score, but it’s a good trial run to learn how to do it.


Mr. Roboto

UTR Preblast – 2019 Iron PAX Challenge Week 0

  • WHAT: Under the Radar - Week 0 of the Iron Pax Challenge
  • WHERE: 604 Pearson Cir (Google Maps:
  • WHEN: Thursday, 8/29 - Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop when the 6 finishes - Shouldn't be more than 30-40 minutes.
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Dorian is still a few days off, so it will be nice and dry-ish
  • WHY: Like McRib said, to push each other to get better. And I'm not trying to steal from Black Ops, but this is more fun.
  • PREVIEW: 24 Squats, 24 Merkins, 24 Walking Lunge Steps (count right leg only), 400 meter run (measured, not estimated), 6 Rounds for Time

    • Since Black Ops is now an official AO, I’m coining “Under the Radar” as the new non-sactioned workout. We’ll kick it off with Week 0 of the 2019 Iron PAX Challenge. You don’t have to be registered for the challenge to participate, but if you come, why not register. If you have no intention of registering, still come anyway. YHC will need a little push from friends to post his best score. Week 0 doesn’t officially count towards the score, but it’s great starting point.

      As of this morning, there are 2,636 Pax representing 103 regions. Alleviate your FOMO early on and register now. McRib and Roboto are official. Pony up and sign up.

      It wasn’t officially mentioned in the Bushwood Backblast but YHC is sure it was mentioned in COT anyhow, right McRib?

      Anyhow, I’m hosting the workout at my house since I’m out with a case of WOT (Wife Outta Town) and I got 2.0s that I can’t leave alone.

      To be clear, YHC doesn’t expect to win the Iron Pax Challenge. You’re welcome to have similar or far different expections, but don’t let expectations of not winning keep you from participating since that’s not what it’s about.

      Here’s the official Iron Pax Challenge Preblast from F3 Greenwood. I’ve got the 400M measured out.

      2019 Iron PAX Challenge Week 0


      Register and submit scores/times here:


      Mr. Roboto

Ruck It – MATA Mile August #RuckingChallenge Round 3

  • When: 08/19/19
  • QIC: Mr. Roboto
  • The Pax: Bitcoin (RESPECT), Hilfiger (RESPECT), McRib, Double Dipper, Little Dipper, Mr. Roboto (QIC)

6 posted in the gloom for round 3 of the GORUCK August #RuckingChallenge. During the 1960s, the Military Assistance Training Advisor (MATA) Course was established at Fort Bragg, NC, to prepare non-Special Forces officers and Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) to advise and train foreign and indigenous forces. Incorporated into the course was a circuit training task that many Special Forces teams used for physical training in preparation for deployments. The training course was called the “MATA Mile” and consisted of stations for physical activity spaced out with runs/rucks in between each station.

For the purposes of this morning, the stations remained stationary at the Gazebo corner of Union Point Park. The rucking between stations was completed by doing a single lap of the road around the park.

While one partner exercises the other rucks 400M (or a single lap of the road around the park) as fast as possible. Then flap jack so that the other parter exercises while the other rucks. Then move on to the next “station.”

The 4 stations were (ruck optional):

– Ruck squats
– Plank hold
– Lunges
– Flutter kicks

Round 2 was a 1-mile team ruck. Using a Sandbag or another sort of
team weight (get creative), ruck 1 mile while alternating who carries the
load or carry it together but you must finish as a team.

**If you are doing this alone, do each station for 3 minutes, then ruck 400m. (3 min max ruck squats, Ruck 400m, 3 min plank hold, ruck 400m… etc)

The choice of weights was either Bitcoin’s 40lb sandbag, a 30lb cinder block, a 30lb taped block of bricks. The mile was out S. Front, Right down Middle, Right onto Broad and back into the park.

Pax completed this morning with just a moment to spare so no time for Mary.

Prayers for those starting school this week, near and far, especially those that are new at their schools.

We’ve got a lot to do next week, so Ruck it will start early at 0515 next Monday. Bitcoin on Q.

Mr. Roboto
ども ありがと

Bushwood – Painfully Slow, Painfully Fast

  • When: 08/07/19
  • QIC: Mr. Roboto
  • The Pax: Blue Hawaiian, Cuddy , Faulkner, Ingrown, Kevorkian, Morning, Mr. Roboto (QIC), Oz, Peeping Tom, Pyro, Sandbagger, Stick Built, Unicorn, Winthorpe, Plan B, Goose, Gander, Stye, Doorknob, Black Dog, Double Dipper, Little Dipper

24 for today’s Bushwood. Here’s what happened.


  • SSH
  • Sprinklers
  • Imperial Squat Walkers
  • Carrot Pickers
  • Tempo Merkins
  • Blue Hawaiian Lap back to Employee/Overflow Lot

2 rows of 6 cones set were set up for a Bear Crawl Rack and Stack. 10 reps of exercise 1 was performed at the 1st cone, then 10 reps of exercise 1 followed by 10 reps of exercise 2 were performed at the 2nd cone continuing on through 6 cones where an exercise was added at each. Bear Crawl between cones. Exercises were:

  • Crab Cakes
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Squats
  • Dying Cockroaches

Plank for 6.

Cinder blocks were so patiently waiting for the Pax in the mulch alongside the 10th fairway along with 4 sets of cones down the fairway. Here’s where the painfully slow, painfully fast kicked in. The routine was this:

Step 1:
Partner A: Cinder Block Squat and Overhead Press (Slow 3-count down and explosive up) x15
Partner B: Plank
Flap Jack

Step 2:
Partner A: Cinderblock Merkin x12
Partner B: Responsible for placing, steadying, and assisting the cinder block on Partner A’s back.
Flap Jack

Step 3: 
Mosey to the cones for 3-stage Suicide Sprints.

Rinse and Repeat Steps 1-3 with reps decreasing to 12 and 10, then 10 and 8.

Mosey to the knee wall for Dips x20, x15, x10

Down to the river for Hill runs up to the 18th Green. Completed 3 times with LBC’s for the 6 before Pax repeated once more, then moseyed to under the clubhouse.

Wall sits for 6.

  • Donkey Kicks x5 with 5 second hold on wall
  • Donkey Kicks x10 with 10 second hold on wall

Mosey back to Employee/Overflow for Mary

  • Squats x25 SC
  • American Hammers x15 IC
  • Low Slow Flutter x10 IC

The End

Glad to see everyone there this morning. Thanks for working so hard alongside me and pushing each other. Thanks for letting me screw up demonstrations and forget key instructions, and for making fun of me for it but letting it be ok for me to fix it and move on.

As Ty Webb, played by Chevy Chase, once said, “the Zen philosopher, Basho, once wrote, ‘A flute with no holes is not a flute. A donut with no hole is a danish.’ He was a funny guy.”

Mr. Roboto
ども ありがと