The Point – Triple Triple

19 men for a very humid morning got work done despite some questionable directions from the Q.


Sun Gods x10 IC, forwards and backwards
Cotton Pickers x10 IC, with clap on 4 and a half

Continued out into park area with Carioca down to flag poles. Changed sides and continued the Carioca down to the next corner at the park entrance. High knees to the crosswalk and then butt kickers to the Convention Center pavilion.

BTTW for a 5 count per Pax and then on to the Convention Center lot for a little change of pace on location.

The Thang:

After counting off in 3s and a false start due to some poor instruction from your Q, the Pax was able to get it sorted for what your Q is calling the Triple Triple

Round 1:
Pax 1 – Bear Crawl to the other side of the lot and back
Pax 2 – Merkins
Pax 3 – LBCs
Once the Bear Crawler returns, rotate exercises until all 3 Pax have done all 3 exercises. Maintain rotation for following rounds.

Round 2:
Pax 1 – Lunge Walk
Pax 2 – Al Gore
Pax 3 – 6 Inches Hold

Round 3:
Pax 1 – Shuttle Run x4
Pax 2 – Triple Jump
Pax 3 – Plank

From there we moved over to the wall for some partner work

A round of Bum Lookers / Cheeky Monkeys:
Partner held Back Extensions x10 (hanging over the knee wall), flap jack
Partner held Nordic Curls x10 (in the grass), flap jack

Break for Face Melters x20 IC

Then back to partner work on the knee wall where Pax 1 did the first exercise while Pax 2 did the other, then flap jack

Step Ups x20 and Plank
Reverse Lunges x20 and Air Presses
Irkins x20 and SSH
Derkins x10 and Jump Ropes
Carolina High Docks x10 and Monkey Humpers
Carolina High Docks x8 and Monkey Humpers
Raised Pickle Pointers and Squats

Back to the lot for a Reverse-O round of the Triple Triple.

Mosey back to the Gazebo for Mary:

LBCs x21 IC
Freddy Mercurys x10 IC
LSF x10 IC

Brief talk about the difference between Motivation and Discipline

Motivation can be your initial inspiration. When you lose your initial inspiration, it’s discipline that moves you forward.

Motivation operates on the assumption that a particular mood or emotional state is necessary to complete a task and often come from an external place. Relying on that to get you through difficult times can lead to plateaus and stagnation.  Discipline, by contrast, separates outward actions from moods and feelings and that’s where you’ll see the most acceleration
in your movement.

Focus on building disciplined actions to meet your goals and continue your acceleration.

Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, said, “Only the disciplined are truly free. The undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites, and passions.”

Don’t discount motivation, but don’t expect to see real results without Discipline. And don’t forget to count on your brothers to stay accountable.

Lots of spots available to Q, particularly at the Dirty Bird
Beer  and Theology – Brewery 99, Sunday at 4pm – All men welcome
Iron Pax on Saturday at the Bear. Come get some.

Mr. Roboto

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