5 pax for a chilly yet beautiful morning. Lots of people taking pictures of the sunrise from inside their cars. Not sure of it was us or them that made the better decision about their activities this morning.

Pretty sure all of us completed 5 rounds, some got 6 (maybe 7?) done. The bear crawl post-squat was much *easier than the bear crawl post-HRM.

The Workout:


50 yard/meter bear crawl (Modify- 100 yards Ruck or 200 yards run)

10 Rowers (see Video)

50 yard/meter bear crawl

20 HRMs (HRM = Hand-release merkins)

50 yard/meter bear crawl

10 Rowers

50 yard/meter bear crawl

20 Squats (to block, see video)


*It still sucked.

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