Surprise Bear

  • When: 04/20/19
  • QIC: II-Fingers
  • The Pax: Goose, Stye, Plan B, Tree Frog

A Pax of 5 posted on a beautiful morning for the Bear.   We were surprised to find ourselves Q less, and it was definitely my turn, so we started with

Jumping Jacks

Cotton Pickers

Downward dog w/ stretches, to upward dog, back to downward dog, 10 merkins

Mosey to Track – slow lap around the track as follows

More stretching of legs and groin

11’s w/ 100 meter run (merkins and imperial walkers.)

Bear crawl x 25 meters, American Hammers

Crab walk x 25 meters, McRib special monkey bar work (Pull up, monkey across the upright, repeat pull up.)

Bear Crawl x 25 meters, Backward Boxcutters

Crawl Bear x 25 meters, LBCs, then crossing LBCs

Spring 100meters

Crawl Bear x 25 meters, American hammers

Lt Dan x 75 Meters

Mosey to the covered deck

Partnered back exercises (Partner A lays prone on block, with legs and hips on the block, chest and head suspended, then goes down to the ground with head, flexing at waist, partner B holds his legs.)

One leg squats, other leg suspended on block behind you


Alternating shoulder taps – with feet on block

Travoltas – with feet on block

Mosey back to parking lot


Let raises

Crunch Frogs

Closed in Prayer.



Medicare Shuffle

  • When: 04/17/19
  • QIC: Kevorkian
  • The Pax: Stye, Winthorpe, Double Dipper, Black Dog, Lil Wayne, Peeping Tom, Blue Hawaiian, Faulkner, Ingrown, McRib, Pyro, Plan B, Bitcoin, Kevorkian

Fourteen 65 year-old wanna be’s made it out to shuffle YHC into the Medicare years. With little fanfare we warmed up with 8 Burpees, SSH x 20 IC, Cotton Pickers x 10 IC, Windmills x 10 IC, Downward Dog stretch, and 8 Burpees.

Thang:  Mosey to Garber parking lot for the 8 of diamonds:  8 Burpees, sprint to corner; 16 LBC’s IC, mosey to corner; 24 Merkins, sprint to corner; 32 Squats, mosey to corner; 24 Merkins, backwards run to corner; 16 LBC’s, carioka to corner; 8 Burpees.

Mosey to sanctuary parking lot, the long way, for Black Jacks:  Big boy sit-ups on one side, run to other side for Merkins; total of 21 each time, ie 1 BB-20 M, then 2 BB-19 M, etc.  QIC missed on the timing (and difficulty of those big boys) so the exercise was halted at 16-17 big boys.  8 Burpees, then 8 Burpees.  Mosey to entrance to NBGCC for 8 Burpees, mosey to parking lot for 8 Burpees, then LSF.  One final Burpee to make 65.

Excellent work.  Can’t tell you what it means to be part of this group.  Thanks for the “65” in name-o-rama!

Ruck-It – 4/15 – Taxing Day

  • When: 04/15/19
  • QIC: Acolyte
  • The Pax: Bitcoin, Acolyte (QIC)

On a violently stormy morning – with power outages everywhere – it was questionable whether Ruck It would happen.  But just in the nick of time – the storms passed and the power turned on at Union Point.  With 2 men in attendance, we proceeded with the workout as scheduled.  After a quick warmup stretch, we hit the road.

Today’s workout stuck to the theme of 4/15 – 4 sets of 15 reps of each exercise – with the purpose of taxing those muscle groups to near failure.  The route was a standard loop – Front Street to Middle Street to Broad Street back to Front Street with 4 stops in between.

Stop 1 – 15 Squats x 4

Stop 2 – 15 Incline Merkins x 4

Stop 3 – 15 Shoulder Press x 4

Stop 4 – 15 bicep curls x 4

With most exercises, we performed the final set at a slower pace to increase the “tax” on the muscle.

After the first loop, we had 15 minutes to spare, so we completed 1 more loop, completing 1 more set of 15 for each exercise along the way – extra slow.  We made it back precisely at 6:15.

Thanks to Bitcoin for keeping me company this morning.  I hope everyone has a great week!


When I’m 64

  • When: 04/15/19
  • QIC: Kevorkian
  • The Pax: Goose, Lil Wayne, Peeping Tom, Faulkner, Plan B, Sputnik, Kevorkian

7 PAX beholden to either Alphabet or Apple (no Dookies today) survived the power outage and showed up for a birthday week Fartlek.  After SSH x 20, cotton pickers x 10, and hillbillies x 10, all IC, we jumped into:

Thang:  8 burpees, then scout run (squats) to Camelia, where we did 8 burpees; mosey the loop back to CCR for 8 burpees; Indian run to the office for LBCs followed by 8 burpees; mosey to CCDr, where we did 8 burpees; snake run to Meadows Park, for 8 more burpees; mosey to CCR for 8 burpees; mosey to NBGCC, then AYG to parking lot, for our last (of 64) 8 burpees.

Count and namorama, closed in prayer.  It’s a privilege to be a part of the group and to lead.  Real birthday Q Wednesday!

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

  • When: 04/13/2019
  • QIC: Morning
  • The Pax: Winthorpe, Black Dog, Double Dipper, II Fingers, Honeywagon, McRib, Morning

Hello Friends. 7 energetic men showed up to contest the F3 Masters. Rain stayed away. No FNGs and off we went.


  • Mosey to track
  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Windmills x 20 IC
  • Carrott pickers x 20 IC
  • Sun gods x 10 IC ea direction
  • Quad stretches OYO
  • Pull-ups x 5

THE THANG – mosey to golf course (practice field)

18 holes

  • each member of Pax is “player” per hole
  • ball thrown to cones (number of throws depending on par – 3,4 or 5)
    • first throw followed by 10 merkins
    • second throw (for par 4, 5) followed by 10 merkins, 10 AHs (double count)
    • third throw (for par 5) followed by 10 merkins + 10 AHs + 10 imperial walkers (double count)
    • Player calls out exercise from tee to ball (and between throws)
    • Putting – golf ball has to hit the flag.
  • At the turn, grabbed an adult beverage with 20 dips and then People’s chair
  • Results
    • 2 Eagles including a Hole in One by II Fingers
    • 16 Birdies
    • No missed putts = no extra burpies
    • Strong performance by the PAX!

No time for MARY


  • Prayers for Kate Keenhold as she recovers from her foot/ankle injury. Fortunately, Craig reports recent positive news that she will not require surgery
  • Prayers for family of Pam Jessup who passed away suddenly yesterday
  • Prayers for family of Marc Jessup in the loss of his father
  • Be on the look out for information about Jacksonville AO start up – ?Mother’s Day weekend
  • It looks like Kevorkian is on for Fartlek on Mon – Birthday Q!

Strong work. Always a pleasure to lead!

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

  • WHAT: The Bear
  • WHERE: New Bern High School
  • WHEN: Sat, 4/13/19. Gather 0655, Hard start 0700, Hard stop 0800
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Scattered showers, high 60s
  • PREVIEW: Some think the year's first golf major is in Augusta. Not so fast....

The Point – Chutes and Ladders

  • When: 04/12/19
  • QIC: Acolyte
  • The Pax: Blackdog, Butterball, Bitcoin, Gander, Kevorkian, 420, Schrute, Oz, Little Wayne, Faulkner, Plan B, Double Dipper, Acolyte (QIC)

On a seasonably warm morning, a PAX of 13 made their way to Union Point for a game of Chutes and Ladders.  After some brief chatter and the mission statement, the clock struck 5:30am and we jumped in:


  • SSH x 30
  • Cotton Pickers x 10
  • Wide Cotton Pickers x 10
  • Cat Stretch
  • Downward Dog x 3
  • Upward Dog x 3
  • Glute Stretch OYO
  • Shoulder/Tri Stretch
  • Neck Stretch

After a thorough warm up we moseyed to the side field for:

The Thang:

2 cones and an agility ladder awaited the PAX for several rounds of work.

Round 1:

In an assembly line fashion each man bear crawled to cone 1. Upon reaching cone 1 – perform 1 merkin– then proceed to cone 2 – perform 1 merkins – round the turn and bear crawl to the agility ladder for plyo pushups down the ladder and bear crawl back to the starting point.

Continue until each man has completed 3 rotations

Round 2:

Giving the upper body a break, we continued the assembly line with each man duck walking to cone 1. Upon reaching cone 1 – perform 3 sumo squats – then proceed to cone 2 – perform 3 sumo squats – round the turn and duck walk to the agility ladder for side to side squats down the ladder.  Duck walk back to the starting point

Continue until each man completes 3 rounds

Round 3:

Pair up into partners.  Partner A wheelbarrows to cone 1 to complete 1 derkin.  Wheelbarrow to cone 2 to complete 1 derkin.  Wheelbarrow around the turn to the agility ladder for plank walks down the ladder and back to the starting point.

Rotate partners

After a quick 10 count, we moseyed to the Wall for:

Wall Sit Shuffle

Each man rotated sprinting to the far tree with a 10lb Medicine Ball overhead while the rest of the PAX hold Wall Sit.  Complete 1 Medicine Ball Burpee and sprint back.  Every man takes a turn.  We cooled down with a 5 second count of Balls to the Wall by each man.  We moseyed back to the gazebo for:


LBC x 60

Low Slow Flutters (extra slow and low and Oz kept it fluttery) x 25

Freddy Mercuries x 15

Superman-Banana x 6

Cool down stretches

We finished with COT and prayers.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!  I hope everyone has a great weekend