The Bear – Back to School

  • When: 08/17/19
  • QIC: Cuddy
  • The Pax: Door Knob, Peeping Tom, Rusty(Co-Q), Cuddy (C0-Q)

4 posted yesterday on a wet and muggy morning that will make us truly appreciate the cooler days ahead.

Abe Vigoda x 10 IC 4CT
Carrot Pickers x 10 IC, 4 CT
Sun Gods x 10 IC 4CT (Forward and Back)
Hillbillies x 10 IC, 4 CT
Various Stretches

Moseyed to side of the school taking the long path to avoid the wet practice field. There we found the benches where we did 20 dips and 20 Irkins IC. We then moseyed to the track carefully navigating the ravine. There we did a half Merkin Mile followed by 4 50-yard sprint races. After each race we did an exercise (Squats, Dips, Lunges, & LBCs). We then did the 2nd half of the Merkin Mile before rinsing and repeating the sprints & exercises. We retrieved our cones and headed for the covered area on the other side of the school. On the way there YHC took an unfortunate track across a muddy wet field which gave rise to complaints from his Co-Q. At the covered area we started with 75 calf raises OYO, followed with a raccoon crawl and some box work which included Step Ups, Dips, Irkins, & Derkins. We then did another 75 Calf Raises before heading to the parking lot.

LBC x 30 IC
Box Cutters x 15 IC

We closed with name-o-rama and a short prayer.

Glad to have Rusty back for the week and Oz is on deck for the Fartlek and Bitcoin has Bushwood.

Opposing Supersets at The Point

  • When: 08/16/19
  • QIC: Unicorn
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Little Dipper, Bitcoin, Sandbagger, Pulp, Stick-Built, McRib, Agent P, Lattice, Doorknob, Ingrown, Kevorkian, Bubble Guts, Peeping Tom, Stye, Faulkner, Tree Frog, Gander, WinthorpE, Blue Hawaiian, Oz, Plan B, Unicorn

23 showed at The Point despite an ominous forecast including three new faces, Pulp (Greenville) and FNGs Agent P and Lattice.  Happy to have all three!

We warmed up with SSH x 20 IC, IW x 20 IC, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Carioca, Barrel Jumps and a mosey across the street before a progressive sprint and mosey to the back of the Convention Center.


Wide Merkins and Overhanded Inverted Rows x 14 each followed by Freddie Mercury aka Cockgobblers x 14;

Regular Merkins and Underhanded Inverted Rows x 14 each followed by Dying Cockroaches x 14;

Ranger Merkins x 14 and Pole Dancing x 10 each side followed by LBCs x 28;

Rinse and Repeat.

We exited the way we arrived and did a backwards run with sprint back to flagpoles and continued the Supersets:

Heel Elevated Squats on curb x 20/Lunges with twist across field.

Two Rounds of Carolina Choo-Choo, Monkey Humpers x 20 IC, Plank Dips x 20 IC, Fire Hydrants x 15 IC each side.

New guys looked like they’d been practicing, solid work by them and all!

Let’s say we average 16 guys per workout.  If you’re coming twice a week you should be q’ing once every two months, let’s all pitch in more before y’all piss McRib off, not to mention i can’t handle too many more of Sandbagger’s workouts.


Ashy Larry & The World Series of Dice

  • When: 08/14/2019
  • QIC: Pyro
  • The Pax: Lil Wayne, Oz, Stye, II Fingers, Unicorn, WinthorpE, Haggis, McRib, Doorknob, Stick Built, Peepin' Tom, Faulkner, Cuddy, Harris Teeter, Bubble Guts, Morning, Tree Frog, Double Dipper, Little Dipper, Plan B, Pyro

Im About To Go From Ashy To Classy GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

21 Pax joined for a humid dice-based beatdown.  Ashy Larry was a Chappelle Show character and integral participant in “The World Series of Dice” on the show. This was a dice-based workout, hence the barely tangential reference to Larry.


WARM-O-RAMA: Imperial Walkers IC x 10, Carrot Pickers IC x 10, mosey to knee wall for 20 Dips, 10 Box Jumps and Plank for the 6.


Mosey to Garber Ministry Center parking lot for the first half of dice games. First dice had 10/20/30/60/90, used for reps. The 2nd dice had exercises:  LBCs (Crunches), SSHs (Jumping jacks), Squats (Squats), Merkins (Pushups), Lunges (Walking Lunges), and a Wild Card- Roller’s choice.

At half-way, we took the long way to the Garber Parking lot (#2) where the 2nd half of Pax rolled some more.

We moseyed back to the knee wall for 20 Dips, 10 Box Jumps, Plank until the 6, then a 60-second plank.


Mosey back to the start, circle up, Elevator Merkins courtesy of Oz and LSF IC x 14 before the ball of man and prayer.

Have a great day!

NEED a Q for Friday at the Point. Reply all if you cover it.  Pyro burnin’ out!


And I Started Running…Backblast

  • When: 08/12/19
  • QIC: Sandbagger
  • The Pax: Gander, Peeping Tom, Kevorkian, Plan B, Unicorn, Lil Wayne, Oz, Winthorpe, Cuddy, and Sputnik

Good work from 11 men at Fartlek this AM! According to Dr. Kevorkian, we put in about 4 miles of work. Here’s how it went down.


Modified Blue Hawaiian lap (out NBGCC entrance > right on Country Club Rd. to 17th hole cart path > up 18th hole > back to the parking lot).

A few leg stretches while YHC provided a quick overview of the morning’s events.

The Thang:

Sprint length of NBGCC entrance > right on CC Road – mosey to 17th hold cart path > 80% to the bridge on 18th hole, i.e., the “loop.”

At the bottom of 18th hole cart path –

Round 1: 8 Hill Sprints > mosey to wall > 8 Derkins

Run the loop again…

Round 2: 6 Hill Sprints > mosey to wall > 6 Dips

Run the loop again…

Round 3: 4 Hill Sprints > mosey to wall > 4 Sumo Squats

Run the loop again…

Round 4: 2 Hill Sprints > mosey to wall > 2 Burpees


Circled up in the parking lot and…did one more sprint – (Mosey out NBGCC entrance, touch CC Road, and full gas back to the parking lot)

3 big gulps of air with arms raised and we called it a day.

No announcements. Closed out in prayer. Hope to see some of you and your 2.0’s at Dad’s Camp this weekend!

Always an honor to lead this group.

YHC, Sandbagger

Guerrilla Ops August #RuckingChallenge – The Hammer

  • When: 8/12/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Hilfiger (RESPECT), McRib, Bitcoin (QIC)

A 4-Pax posted this morning to test themselves via Part 2 of the August #RuckingChallenge.  Mission Statement & Disclaimer were given to the group and we got started.  YHC had a special coupon for Little Dipper as well as one if we had an odd man out.  Alas, they were not needed.  Missed seeing you in the gloom, Little Dipper … and others.


  • Sungods, IC, 10x, Reverse 6x (YHC misued vocal inflection on the reverso)
  • Cotton Pickers, IC, 10x
  • Hamstring & Calf Stretches OYO

MACV-SOG had an extensive area of operation that included Thailand, Laos, North Vietnam, and Cambodia.  The Command and Control Detachments were located in the North (CCN), Central (CCC), and the South (CCS).  Each team in these detachments used different code names; the North used venomous snakes like cobra and viper, the Central used state names, and the South used tool names like hammer and miter.  All teams were self-sufficient, yet worked toward the same general goals.


  • 400M Partner Carry – As a team, cumulatively complete a 400M Buddy Carry.  Swap partners at any time.
  • As a team,  accumulate total reps:  300 Ruck Swings, 300 Sit Ups, 200 Lunges, 200 Overhead Ruck Press**
  • 400M Partner Carry – As a team,  cumulatively complete a 400M Buddy Carry.  Swap partners at any time.

** Each partner will do half the reps, but they can be split up however you choose with one Pax working at a time.  IF YOU ARE SOLO, COMPLETE HALF OF THE REPS

This ended up being a burner of a workout (lungs, legs, shoulders, abs).  YHC thought there would be leftover time, but there was not.  All Pax were fully engaged with the only down time coming either when you were the passenger for the Buddy Carry, or were the “Pax-At-Rest” while your partner was busting out reps.  The team of Double Dipper and McRib were most impressive during the Buddy Carry, with each Pax carrying the other at a high rate of speed, either with a Fireman Carry or Piggyback.  Hilfiger and YHC were slow and steady, and still got the requisite work done.

Today’s workout reminded YHC of a particular maxim — “In theory, there is no difference between theory and reality.  In reality, there is.”  How did this apply to today you might ask?  On paper (i.e. In theory), the workout seemed easy enough.  However, the reality showed that the workout was indeed a test, and took the entire allocation of time to complete.

Any Pax who are interested can complete the workout OYO, either with a partner as described above, or solo, also as described above.  If solo, in addition to your ruck, you will need to carry another coupon (sandbag, bucket of sand/rocks, section of tree, you get the idea).  Get the workout done so you will remain on track for the August #RuckingChallenge and earn your patch.  Mr. Roboto provided a link in his BackBlast from last week.

We circled up for a quick prayer and then were dismissed.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  See above right for GrowRuck17.  If you want a test, this is your event.  Sign up, pay up and train up.

Great work by the Pax today.

Bitcoin out!


  • When: 08/10/19
  • QIC: Gander
  • The Pax: Plan B, Double Dipper, Little Dipper, II Fingers, Black Dog, Sandbagger, Peeping Tom, Cuddy, Blue Hawaiian, Morning, HoneyWagon, 420

A strong pax of 12 and a 2.0 posted this beautiful, humid morning to get their day right. This was my first back-to-back Q – so I was a bit concerned about getting up for it this am. However, as the pax rolled up, the motivation kicked in. Just a few had read the preblast and knew to bring a basket, volley or soccer ball – luckily we had just enough as several pax brought extras. No FNGs, so we jumped straight into:


  • Sun Gods 4CICx10, reverso
  • Downward Dog
  • SSH 4CICx20
  • Mountain Man Poopers 4CICx10
  • Imperial Stormkickers 4CICx10

The Thang

We started off with an Indian running from the front parking lot to the student parking lot and back to the front entrance steps.

At the front steps we partnered up for Coyote Uglys (wheel barrow walk up the steps with a merkin at each step, spin & return down with a merkin at each step). Flapjack, rinse & repeat.

We ambled to the low wall by the steps and proceeded to do 50 Push-Aways. Standing facing wall, fall forward to catch yourself, do an irkin and explode back off the wall to push yourself into a standing position.

We then moseyed to the band practice field where we lined up the coupons (basket, volley or soccer balls) at one line and full size cinder blocks 20 yds away. We did the following:

  • Squat Presses 2:00 min OYO AMRAP
  • Lunge Walk to second line
  • Ball Passes (ball between your feet, raise legs & arms and pass ball to hands and back down with arms & legs not touching the ground) 2:00 min AMRAP
  • Meander back to first line
  • Curls 2:00 min OYO AMRAP
  • Lt. Dan to second line
  • Pickle Pointers with feet on the coupon 2:00 min OYO AMRAP
  • Meander to my truck for a water break
  • Return to first line and partner back up for Bear Brawl (Bear Crawl with partner A in front pushing back on partner B’s shoulders or back to provide resistance) 20 yds; flapjack; rinse & repeat
  • Squat Presses 30x OYO
  • Lunge Walk to second line
  • Ball Passes audible to 20x OYO
  • Meander back to first line
  • Curls 30x OYO
  • Lt. Dan to second line
  • Pickle Pointers 20x OYO (memory is fuzzy here – gassing out)

We returned the coupons to my truck and did an extremely slow mosey back to the front of the school for:


  • American Hammers 4CICx20
  • LSF 4CICx20
  • LBCs SCIC OMUx30

I believe this captures most of the workout – it seemed much harder and taxing than it actually sounds. I was completely gassed – stopped 5 min early.

Despite the afternoon storm, several pax celebrated Double Dipper’s 2.0 birthday party – really glad to have you in the F3 community.

YHC closed in prayer. As always, thank you for the opportunity to lead!




  • QIC: Gander
  • The Pax: Pyro, DoorKnob, BitCoin, Stye, Tree Frog, Blue Hawaiian, Plan B, Faulkner, Black Dog, Bubble Guts, Morning, StickBuilt, Unicorn, Oz

A pax of 15 posted this am to get their day started with the F3 family down by the river. I sure do miss Matt Foley.

Apparently, a healthy dose of beans and fiber were on the Thursday night menu. No FNGs, so we got started:


  • SSH 4CICx16
  • Imperial Squat Walkers 4CICx10
  • Sun Gods 4CICx10, reverso
  • Baseball Stretches
  • Downward Dog

The Thang

We moseyed from the flagpoles to the traffic circle field where the pylon-discy-marker-thingys were placed to created our workout parameters of a middle PDMT and 4 outer PDMTs that created a large rectangle. We circled around the middle PDMT and followed this sequence of exercises. After each exercise sequence, we moved around the four outer PDMTs by always facing the river which meant forward run, right defensive slide, backward run, left defensive slide.

  • Guantanamo, reverso
  • Mosey around cones
  • Suzanne Somers 4CICx30, flapjack
  • AYG around cones
  • Wave of Merkins – count up to 5
  • Mosey around cones
  • Wave of Merkins – count up to 5 – I think we almost got it right on this try
  • AYG around cones
  • Circle Burps
  • Mosey around cones
  • Aiken Legs – 20 squats, 20 squat jumps, 20 lunges, 20 Iron Mikes
  • AYG around cones

We then moved to the end PDMTs and split into 2 lines for an Inch Bear Crawled to the far end PDMTs. Then we Inch Crawl Beared back to starting point. One more lap around the cones. Mosey back to the flagpoles.

*** Side note: I cut the plan short by 3 cycles due to timing – Fire Drill, Global Warming & Circle of Leg Raises (Mirror of the Circle of Merkins). Amazing how when one Q’s, you run out of time. But some days, you wonder why the Q is still going at 2 hours… or at least it seems.


  • LBCs SCICx30 OMU
  • LSF 4CICx10? – lost count as I was focused on BitCoin’s energetic counting
  • Dolly 4CICx10?

No announcements. YHC closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

After COT, I took the time to take the photo posted above. I also had the thought that we are probably blessed to have the most unique and beautiful AO in all of NC. I don’t want to sound boastful, just recognizing what is offered to us each day.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!



Bushwood – Painfully Slow, Painfully Fast

  • When: 08/07/19
  • QIC: Mr. Roboto
  • The Pax: Blue Hawaiian, Cuddy , Faulkner, Ingrown, Kevorkian, Morning, Mr. Roboto (QIC), Oz, Peeping Tom, Pyro, Sandbagger, Stick Built, Unicorn, Winthorpe, Plan B, Goose, Gander, Stye, Doorknob, Black Dog, Double Dipper, Little Dipper

24 for today’s Bushwood. Here’s what happened.


  • SSH
  • Sprinklers
  • Imperial Squat Walkers
  • Carrot Pickers
  • Tempo Merkins
  • Blue Hawaiian Lap back to Employee/Overflow Lot

2 rows of 6 cones set were set up for a Bear Crawl Rack and Stack. 10 reps of exercise 1 was performed at the 1st cone, then 10 reps of exercise 1 followed by 10 reps of exercise 2 were performed at the 2nd cone continuing on through 6 cones where an exercise was added at each. Bear Crawl between cones. Exercises were:

  • Crab Cakes
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Squats
  • Dying Cockroaches

Plank for 6.

Cinder blocks were so patiently waiting for the Pax in the mulch alongside the 10th fairway along with 4 sets of cones down the fairway. Here’s where the painfully slow, painfully fast kicked in. The routine was this:

Step 1:
Partner A: Cinder Block Squat and Overhead Press (Slow 3-count down and explosive up) x15
Partner B: Plank
Flap Jack

Step 2:
Partner A: Cinderblock Merkin x12
Partner B: Responsible for placing, steadying, and assisting the cinder block on Partner A’s back.
Flap Jack

Step 3: 
Mosey to the cones for 3-stage Suicide Sprints.

Rinse and Repeat Steps 1-3 with reps decreasing to 12 and 10, then 10 and 8.

Mosey to the knee wall for Dips x20, x15, x10

Down to the river for Hill runs up to the 18th Green. Completed 3 times with LBC’s for the 6 before Pax repeated once more, then moseyed to under the clubhouse.

Wall sits for 6.

  • Donkey Kicks x5 with 5 second hold on wall
  • Donkey Kicks x10 with 10 second hold on wall

Mosey back to Employee/Overflow for Mary

  • Squats x25 SC
  • American Hammers x15 IC
  • Low Slow Flutter x10 IC

The End

Glad to see everyone there this morning. Thanks for working so hard alongside me and pushing each other. Thanks for letting me screw up demonstrations and forget key instructions, and for making fun of me for it but letting it be ok for me to fix it and move on.

As Ty Webb, played by Chevy Chase, once said, “the Zen philosopher, Basho, once wrote, ‘A flute with no holes is not a flute. A donut with no hole is a danish.’ He was a funny guy.”

Mr. Roboto
ども ありがと

Black Ops

  • WHAT: Black Ops
  • WHERE: Meadows Park
  • WHEN: Thursday, August 8; Hard Start: 0530; Soft Stop: 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Hot and humid, possible rain
  • WHY: We run/ruck
  • PREVIEW: Run the golf course or ruck on your own. Golf course max loop is 4.75 miles, variable paces available.