Bridge Run – Socially Distanced

  • When: 03/28/20
  • QIC: Double Dipper
  • The Pax: Little Dipper, Mrs. Dipper, 420, 210, Young Spice, Mrs. 20, Plan A (aka Mrs. Plan B)

In lieu of The Bear (sorry Cuddy), 8 pax decided to complete the Bridge Run and take back something that had been taken from us. Using proper social distancing, we began the run from the Dipper residence and ran to Front St and back for a 5k!

We were joined by Mr. Roboto, Bitcoin, and Plan B to cheer on the runners as they ALL completed the race. Well done to all!

Little Dipper B-Day Q! Ruck-it

  • When: 03/30/20
  • QIC: Little Dipper
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Bitcoin

**Help celebrate Little Dipper’s 10 birthday by driving by his house and honking anytime today! (1616 Rhem Ave)**

Three men posted this morning for the premiere of Little Dipper as Q…on his 10th birthday!  Keeping six feet apart, we began with the disclaimer and immediately went into:


SSH 4CIC x 10; Frankensteins 4CIC x 10; High Knees x 20; Sun gods 4CIC x 10 fwd/rev

The Thang:

We began with two laps around Union Point Park and then headed downtown with stops for:

-Stop 1: Ruck curls x 10

-2: Ruck curls x 10, Overhead ruck press x 15

-3: Ruck curls x 10, Overhead ruck press x 15, Ruck Kettlebell Swings x 20

-4: Ruck curls x 10, Overhead ruck press x 15, Ruck Kettlebell Swings x 20, Ruck bench press x 25

Count off, Name-o-Rama, Announcements, Prayer

It was our pleasure to lead! Stay well.

The Fartlek

  • When: 03/30/20
  • QIC: Cuddy
  • The Pax: Peeping Tom, Plan B, Kevorkian, Winthorpe, Lil’ Wayne, Cuddy(QIC)

6 men gathered on this spring morning to start their week with some running and a few exercises. We didn’t waste any time and go straight to work…

SSH x 20, IC, 4CT
Windmills x 10 IC 4CT
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC 4CT
Quad and Pigeon Stretches OYO
Downward Dog Calf Stretches

Moseyed to area behind Garber’s Ministry Center for 4 sprints with an exercise after each (15 Merkins, 20 Squats, 15 Werkins, 20 Sumo Squats). We then ran to Unicorn’s abode where we did 15 Monkey Humpers. At the intersection w/ Country Club we did 10 Burpees, before proceeding to the park. At Meadow’s Park we Lunged down and did a Carioca back before we Lt. Dan’d down and  did a Carioca back.

We ran to the intersection with Fairway Drive where we did 20 WWII before making our way to the entrance of the club for 20 Sumo Squats. We than gave it all we had to the parking lot where we did 75 Calf Raises.

Various Stretches.

We closed with name-o-rama and a short prayer.

I appreciated the opportunity to lead and we covered about 3 miles today.

The Fartlek

  • WHAT: The Fartlek
  • WHEN: 03/30/20 Gather 5:25 Start 5:30 Hard Stop 6:15
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Clear and 65
  • WHY: Coop's Ex. Order Permits Outdoor Exercise (with the appropriate social distance)

The Bear

  • When: 03/28/20
  • QIC: Cuddy
  • The Pax: Kevorkian, Black Dog, Winthorpe, Unicorn, Peeping Tom, 2 Fingers, Cuddy(QIC)

7 men posted on this beautiful spring morning to start their day. While maintaining an adequate distance from each other and with no FNG’s we jumped right in with…

SSH x 20 IC
Abe Vigoda’s x 10 IC
Good Mornings x 10 IC
Sun Gods (Sobriety Style) x 10 IC (Forward and Back)
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
Downward Dog

We moseyed to the track and all safely crossed the higher than normal water at the bottom of the creek. We ran two laps with 25 Merkins before each. We then made our way to the end zone where we split into teams for a Dora .25-.50-1-2-3 comprised of 25 Burpups, 50 Lunges (each leg), 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, & 300 Squats with a 100 yard run (50 down and 50 back) before switching. We then made our way back to the track where we completed our Merkin Mile (Wide Merkins this time) with a timed race for the last ¼ mile. 2 Fingers and Unicorn were well ahead of the pack with 2 Fingers clocking in with a Bear record time of 1 minute and 8 seconds (give or take a second or two). We then made our way to the covered area on the other side of the school. There we did 75 Calf Raises, 20 Dips, 20 WWII, 20 Bulgarian Split Squats, 20 Dips, 75 Calf Raises, & 20 Step ups. Since Winthorpe started cleaning his shoes YHC thought it only appropriate for take the longer road back to the front parking lot to keep any grass from getting on his shoes. After a few groans, we made it back just in time for a brief…

Various stretching exercises.

We closed with Name-O-Rama and a short prayer before heading to Carolina Bagel for takeout and an appropriately distanced parking lot picnic.

03/27/2020 Virtual Workout

  • When: 03/27/2020 Virtual Workout
  • QIC: Pyro
  • The Pax: Mr. Roboto & Pyro

See PreBlast for the full workout plan:

The Thang:

Follow the list below, with a 1/4 mile lap in between the exercises.

Modifications definitely at work:

Mr. Roboto: 100 reps between 5 exercises and then a lap.


50 Burpees: 10 then a breather.  No idea how II Fingers did 50 in 3.5 minutes.  Lap.

50 Burpees. Lap (The 100 Burpees took quite a while, the missing side-by-side #accountability is felt!)

Got the calf raises, ski abs in with a lap after each.  Superset of 25 Merkins/Squats x 4 (100 of Each).

110 LBCs before out of time.


Look for a Virtual AO next week that continues to work through the list below, starting with 200 LBCs and a lap!

Need more to join, I know there’s a cadre out there Fartsacking, text me (252-670-6023) and we’ll hold a #0525AMGathering by Text to Hold Accountability!



The Bear

  • WHAT: The Bear
  • WHERE: New Bern High School
  • WHEN: Saturday 3/28 Gather 6:55, Start 7:00 Hard Stop 8:00
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Perfect
  • WHY: This may be one of our last workouts for a while.

The Point

  • When: 03/27/20
  • QIC: II-Fingers
  • The Pax: Cuddy, Faulkner, Kevorkian, Oz, Peeping Tom, Polyp, Unicorn, Plan B, Black Dog, Double Dipper, Morning, Stickbuilt, Paddington, Schrute

15 men enjoyed a workout in the beautiful spring weather that went something like this

SSH x 20
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
Windmills x 10 IC (Abe Vigoda)
SunGods x 10
Downward Dog
Upward Dog
Burpee x 10

Mosey to the Racoon Wall
Skip Racoon Crawl for hygeine
Mountain Climbers x 20
Merkins x 20
American Hammer x 20

Plank Jacks x 20
Ranger Merkins x 20
Leg raises x 20

Crab Jacks x 20
Wide Merkins x 20
LBCs x 20

Imperial Walker x 20
Diamond Merkins x 20
Heel Touches x 20

Goof Balls x 20
Derkins x 20
Crunch Frogs

Cross leg SSH x 20
Stagger Merkins x 10 each

Hungarian squats x 10 each leg
Irkins x 20
Crossed LBC

Closed in prayer.

03/25/2020 Virtual Workout

  • When: 03/25/2020 Virtual Workout
  • QIC: Pyro
  • The Pax: Well, just Pyro.

See Preblast ( for the workout.

The beauty of a Virtual Workout is the expectation that others may be posting and #accountability.  Although a long ranger in the moment, it was unknown so it worked out better than fartsacking in that rain.

Modifications occurred, skipping a bunch of running and staying in the carport, getting through 3 cycles of the 4 stations.




  • When: 03/25/20
  • QIC: Oz
  • The Pax: II Fingers, Plan B, Black Dog, Double Dipper, Oz

Took cover for 7 rounds of chest, leg, dynamic (Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers…), and ab exercises with alternating Bear Crawl and Crab Walk to opposite end of covered area in between rounds.  Then counted, named, prayed.