Backblasts are written by the Q (workout leader) after each workout or event and details what transpired. They get posted directly to the AO Slack channel and then returned below. Search for workout history and read backblasts below by date, Q, AO, or other keyword.

F3 New Bern workouts range from rucking/walking, running, or bicycling to Bootcamp style workouts that include bodyweight exercises and sometimes weighted exercises. The workouts are designed each day by the workout lead – the Q, and are able to accommodate all fitness abilities. A key facet of the workouts is to push yourself, don’t hurt yourself.

As you grow with more and more F3 workouts under your belt, you will find that the workouts don’t get easier, you only get stronger. The Backblast is a written record of what transpired and any F3 event — whether a workout, a leadership activity, a ruck, run, or other activity.

DateAOQCoQPax CountFNGsFNG CountBackblast
DateAOQCoQPax CountFNGsFNG CountBackblast


Archived backblasts can be found on the Announcements page.
Note that F3 names appear above as alpha-numeric nonsense. This is due to the fact that Slack outputs a user’s Slack ID (which always stays the same) instead of their chosen Slack user name (which can change, but is usually some iteration of their F3 nickname). So hit up slack if you want to see the names of who was there.