Manscaping Backblast

2 men are now stronger yet more flexible after a morning of the “Move” variation from the r/bodyweightfitness Recommended Routine. The Recommended Routine was something YHC was working on before F3 came to New Bern. The Move variation starts with and incorporates greater mobility and flexibility while the Recommended Routine focuses mostly on building strength and then moves on harder variations by adding some gymnastics/callisthenic skills. Move eventually migrates to the core of the Recommended routine but still retains the mobility aspect.

Since Manscaping’s goal is strength and mobility, YHC thought we’d try to head down that path a bit. So here’s what that looked like on Friday.

Warm Up
Standing Shoulder Rolls (5 reps)
Shoulder Rolls on hands and knees (5-10 reps + 5-10 the other way around)
Scapular Shrugs (5-10 reps)
Cat / Cow (5-10 reps)
Straight Arm Overhead Pull-down with Band (5-10 reps)
Straight Arm Chest Fly with Band (5-10 reps)
Band Dislocates (5-10 reps)
Palm Pulses (10-30 reps) (aka 1st Knuckle Merkins)
Side to Side Palm Rotations
Side to Side Stretch (10-30 reps)
Rear Facing Stretch (Palms Up)
Rear Facing Elbow Rotations (10-30 reps) – V’s into knees
Front Facing Elbow Rotations (10-30 reps)
Backward Stretch (10-30 reps) Palms down, Wrists Away
Forward Stretch (10-30 reps) Palms down, Wrist towards body

Strength and Body Control
Blades of Steel
Reverse Plank
Side Planks
Bear Crawl
Sitting Squat

Stretching and Mobility
Child’s Pose
Child’s Pose with Lat and Shoulder Stretches
Wall Extensions (on the Ground)
Chest  Wall Stretch
Calf Stretches
Calf Raises (slow eccentric)
Hamstring Lunge Stretch
Front  and Rear Leg Scales
Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch
Merkins x 10 with focus on form

Thanks to Ottoman for the excellent company this morning.

Mr. Roboto

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