Ruck It – 5th of July

A beautiful morning on the river, post-fireworks. 2 men joined YHC for a morning of ruckercise.

After a quick intro and disclaimer, we started rucking starting with a Sandbag Bataan Death March. The pax with the sandbag would stop and do 3 ruck cleans and then catch up with the rest of the pax that had continued rucking and then drop the sandbag for the next pax; 2 laps around the park.

We decided to stay in the park and enjoy the view. Each lap ended with adding a new exercise to the previous exercise, rack and stack style. They were:

  • Squats x20 SC
  • Merkins x10 SC
  • Weighted Single Leg Pickle Pointers x12 SC
  • Low Slow Flutter with Ruck Press-Hold x20 IC
  • Calf Raises x10 OYO, slow on the down.
  • Ruck Press LBCs x20 SC

No time for Mary but Abs were not left out…

Count and Name-a-Rama and a message of thanks. Great work this morning.

Mr. Roboto

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