Fartlek Backblast

  • When: 12/9/19
  • QIC: Lil Wayne
  • The Pax: II Fingers, Cuddy, Kevorkian, Oz, Peeping Tom, Plan B, Unicorn

It didn’t exactly feel like T-shirt weather when we started this morning, but at least it wasn’t raining as 8 of us gathered for some running this morning.

We started with a Blue Hawaii Lap, followed by SSH x 10 and cotton pickers x 10 IC.

Another lap was followed by Windmills x 10 IC and 20 Squats.

After another lap, we did a mini-BLIMPS: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Merkens, 10 Plankjacks, 10 Squats.  We rinsed and repeated that x 1.

Then starting at the speed bump, we did a set of 7’s, starting out with 1 squat jump, running to the CC entrance, then 6 Burpees, then run back for 2 squat jumps, and so on and so forth.

After finishing, we did a slow lap to warm down, then a set of 15 Merkens followed by a suicide in the Parking Lot times 5.  Afterwards, we lunged across parking lot as we waited for the 6.  That was it.

Good work!  Thanks for coming out!

The Build-up Backblast

  • When: 11/29/19
  • QIC: Lil Wayne
  • The Pax: II Fingers, Emeril, Gander, Mr. Roboto, Peeping Tom, Sandbagger, Unicorn

8 gathered this morning at the parking lot across from The Point for a post-Thanksgiving work-out.  After welcoming Emeril (visiting from Cary) to the group, we got right to work with:

High Knees x 10 IC, mosey to Gazebo, SSH x 10 IC, Mountain Climbers x 10 IC, Imperial Walkers x 10 IC, Cotton Pickers x 10 IC, Merkens x 10 IC, a lap.  We then moved right to:

The Bearpee Crawl: 4 Bear Crawl steps followed by 1 Burpee, then 4 steps then 2 Burpees, and so on up to 10 Burpees.  SSH for the 6.  After a short mosey to the starting parking lot, we moved to:

4 Corners Build-up:

Set 1: 10, 20, 30, 40 Merkens at each corner, running from corner to corner.

Set 2: 10,20,30,40 Squats at each, backwards running the long stretches and bear crawling the short stretches

Set 3: 10,20,30,40 LBC’s, running the longs and crabwalking the shorts

Set 4: 5,10,15,20 Carolina Dry Docks, running the longs and lunge walking the shorts.

For our special guest, we then moseyed the the Convention Center Wall and did a Raccoon Crawl, followed by 5 box jumps/5 squats, 10 box jumps/10squats, then 15/15.  Moseying back to the parking lot, we did:

20 Plankjacks IC

20 Mountain CLimbers IC

20 LBC’s IC

20 Boxcutters IC

Nice work!  Thanks for coming out!

Fartlek Backblast- Back At It

  • When: 11/4/19
  • QIC: Lil Wayne
  • The Pax: II Fingers, Cuddy, Gander, Haggis, Kevorkian, Oz, Peeping Tom, Plan B, Unicorn, Winthorpe

11 gathered this AM for some running.  We did a Blue Hawaii Lap followed by 12 SSH IC, 12 Imperial Walkers IC and 12 Cotton Pickers IC, followed by another Blue Hawaii Lap then 12 Mountain Climbers IC, 12 Shoulder Taps IC and 12 Windmills IC.  We then set off for ~1 mile, stopping at every street light for hand release merkens followed by air presses.  At the 1st light we did 12 and 24, then 11 and 22, until at the 12th light we finished up with 1 and 2 at the stop sign at the intersection of Camelia and Morgan Lane.  We then did 3 loops from there down Camelia, Tenella, up Hillcrest and back along Morgan.  After each lap, we did monkey humpers IC: 20, then 15, then 15.  We then ran back to the parking lot, did 15 monkey humpers IC followed by 10 hand release Merkens and we were done.

Total distance: ~4 miles

Good work.  Thanks for coming out!

  • When: 10/28/19
  • QIC: Lil Wayne
  • The Pax: II Fingers, Cuddy, Faulkner, Gander, Haggis, Kevorkian, Oz, Peeping Tom, Plan B

To avoid a case of the Mondays, 10 of us gathered this morning for some running.

First, we completed 3 Blue Hawaiian Laps, each a little faster than the last.  After each, 2 warm-up exercises were done, 10 count of each: SSH x 10 IC, Mountain Climbers x 10 IC, then Sun Gods x 10 IC/Cotton Pickers x 10 IC, then Windmills x 10 IC/Merkens x 10 single count.  We then did a Burpee Mile- 12 Burpees after each 1/4 mile- and ended up at the Garber Parking lot, where we partnered up and did some Catch Me If You Can: Partner 1 ran backwards while Partner 2 did 5 burpees and ran forward to catch Partner 1, then flapjacked.  Afterwards, we did some OYO work with 20 Merkens, Sprint to end of parking lot, then 20 monkey humpers, then complete the lap around the parking lot for 3-4 circuits.  We then moseyed back to NBGCC parking lot, did 30 Merkens single count and were out of time.

Thanks for coming out this morning.  Great Work!

Backblast- Here’s your 6-Pack, Sir

  • When: 10/09/19
  • QIC: Lil Wayne
  • The Pax: II Fingers, Black Dog, Bubble Guts, Cuddy, Double Dipper, Faulkner, Gander, Haggis, Kevorkian, Mr, Roboto, Oz, Peeping Tom, Plan B, Pyro, Winthorpe,

16 of us gathered this morning to work on our 6-Packs and legs in cooler-than-advertised weather.

Warm-a-Rama consisted of 1 Blue Hawaii Lap followed by

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

Merkens x 10 IC

SSH x 10 IC

Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Cotton Pickers x 10 IC

We then moved on to The Thang: we broke up into 4 groups of 4 at 4 corners with a cone in the middle.  While all members of a group were in plank, each person ran to the middle cone, did 10 squats, ran back until the next person went until all were done.  All others held plank until the 6 was in.  We then repeated that with lunges to the cone, monkey humpers, run back.  The 3rd round we did frog jumps, jump squats and ran back.  The 4th round we did bear crawl, 10 merkens and ran back.  Planked out, we moved on to

Bruce Lee: American Hammer x 20 IC, Leg Lifts x 20 IC, LBC’s single count x 20, Heel Touches x 20 IC, Crunchy Frogs x 20 IC, and 1 set of 100’s

Moving to the flower bed, we then did 1 set of Aiken Legs (20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lunges, 20 iron mikes) followed by a Blue Hawaii Lap.  This was rinsed and repeated x 2 for a total of 3 sets.

Then it was on to Bruce Lee #2

Back at the parking lot, we did a set of Lieutenant Dans to the middle cone, 10 Merkens and ran back.  This was repeated 2 more times with Lunges and Frog Jumps.

We finished up with Bruce Lee #3

Thanks for coming out.  Good work!