The Fartlek

II Fingers, Unicorn, Peeping Tom, Double Dipper, Faulkner, & Cuddy posted on this windy winter morning start their week with some running and a few exercises. With no FNGs we started right away with….

SSH x 20 IC, 4 CT
Imperial Walkers x 10, IC, 4CT
High Knees x 10 IC, 4CT
Butt Kickers x 10 IC, 4CT
Sprinklers x 10, IC, 4CT
Downward Dog

Mosey to entrance 20 Toddler Squats then continued to Planters @ Garber Ministry Center. There we did 20 Dips, Irkins, & Derkins. We then did a Scout Run to the corner of Fairway and Norman where we did 20 Merkins & Crunchy Frogs (Courtesy of Peeping Tom). We then did a Snake Run to corner of Fairway and Country Club where we did 20 more Squats before making our way to Meadows Park. There we Lunged Down, Carioca Back, 20 Merkins, Lt. Dan Down, Carioca Back, 20 Squats. On the return we stopped at Greenwood for 20 Dollies before making our way to the club entrance for 20 more Toddler Squats. Then AYG to the parking lot.

75 Calf Raises

We closed with announcements and a short prayer. F3 Havelock launches tomorrow. See details in Pyro’s email for details. As ways it is an honor to lead this group.

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