Bridge Work

A Pax of 10 started the day at the James City pedestrian bridge ready to shoulder sandbags and climb stairs.  With a FNG, Free Willy,  joining the Pax, the Mission Statement and Core Principles were given by YHC.  Unfortunately the credo was not given and must be corrected for Free Willy’s sake.  F3 Credo, “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.”.

The Pax was given a jumbled mess of directions from YHC that basically equated to each pax had to carry a sandbag (40 or 60lb) a total distance of at least 1/2 mile, climb the stairs at least 10 times and do a minimum of 10 sandbag press burpees (courtesy selection 22) before the hard stop.

Pax did a great job completing the work and we closed with low slow flutter with ruck hold 4CIC x 20.  We counted, named, prayed (thoughts and prayers to Gander’s mammon family) and welcomed Free Willy (Matt Conard).

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.


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