Inaugural “The Flex/Gumby/Stretch Armstrong/Manscaping/Matt Foley” Workout AO

9 STUDS came out just as the rain broke for the Inaugural workout focusing on Plyometrics, Stretching and/or Yoga.  Today was truly an intro to yoga event.


  1. SSH IC x 15
  2. Goofballs IC x 10
  3. Lateral carrot pickers IC x 14 (7 R to L, 7 L to R)
  4. Mosey to the Convention Center Front Covered Area


YHC fumbled, not planning for the lack of WiFi there.   After a quick audible and a Pax-Led mini-yoga session, a hot spot was added and the Yoga Video (Man Flow Yoga- “Full Body Yoga Workout for Beginners Full Length- 30 min” Found here: Click here to watch the video and follow the workout!)

We fought through the rain to follow the video’s move, modifying as needed (and due to the lack of yoga blocks).  We were greeted with a flyover of Ducks, another bird, and some brief but intense rain showers.



Mosey back to Union Point for some various stretching exercise.


Counted and named.


  1. Working on a name for this AO, look out for a poll to vote
  2. Sign up to Q!!!  Any and all of the workouts.  Haven’t Q’ed before? Ask someone to co-Q.  It’s worth it.
  3. Kudos to Black Dog for an excellent 2nd F event at Cypress Hall last night.  If you’re reading this and haven’t posted to a workout in a while, come out to a 2nd F event or re-join the Gloom.  We miss you!
  4. We need a Q for The Bear Saturday AM
  5. Oz on the Fartlek and Roboto on Ruck It Monday.
  6. Have a GREAT weekend!



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