Ashy Larry & The World Series of Dice

  • When: 08/14/2019
  • QIC: Pyro
  • The Pax: Lil Wayne, Oz, Stye, II Fingers, Unicorn, WinthorpE, Haggis, McRib, Doorknob, Stick Built, Peepin' Tom, Faulkner, Cuddy, Harris Teeter, Bubble Guts, Morning, Tree Frog, Double Dipper, Little Dipper, Plan B, Pyro

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21 Pax joined for a humid dice-based beatdown.  Ashy Larry was a Chappelle Show character and integral participant in “The World Series of Dice” on the show. This was a dice-based workout, hence the barely tangential reference to Larry.


WARM-O-RAMA: Imperial Walkers IC x 10, Carrot Pickers IC x 10, mosey to knee wall for 20 Dips, 10 Box Jumps and Plank for the 6.


Mosey to Garber Ministry Center parking lot for the first half of dice games. First dice had 10/20/30/60/90, used for reps. The 2nd dice had exercises:  LBCs (Crunches), SSHs (Jumping jacks), Squats (Squats), Merkins (Pushups), Lunges (Walking Lunges), and a Wild Card- Roller’s choice.

At half-way, we took the long way to the Garber Parking lot (#2) where the 2nd half of Pax rolled some more.

We moseyed back to the knee wall for 20 Dips, 10 Box Jumps, Plank until the 6, then a 60-second plank.


Mosey back to the start, circle up, Elevator Merkins courtesy of Oz and LSF IC x 14 before the ball of man and prayer.

Have a great day!

NEED a Q for Friday at the Point. Reply all if you cover it.  Pyro burnin’ out!


Ashy Larry

  • WHAT: Bushwod
  • WHEN: Weds 08/14/2019: Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: 78 F, 90% Humidity
  • WHY: I'm tired of unpacking
  • PREVIEW: Venturing, then rolling.

Family Values

  • When: 06/14/2019
  • QIC: Pyro, Relief Pitching (AB'ing?) by Peepin' Tom
  • The Pax: Gomer Pyle, Peepin' Tom, Black Dog, Sandbagger, Bubble Guts, Faulkner, Morning, Stick Built, Goose, Stye, Kung Fu Dog from Nintendo, Mr. Roboto, Oz, McRib, Plan B, Gander, FNG (Jon Brinson, aka Bonnie), Tree Frog, Blue Hawaiian, Butterball, Doorknob, Unicorn.

Perfect weather for 23 men to start Friday fantastically.  It was great to welcome back my younger brother Gomer Pyle and Kung Fu Dog from Nintendo.

With an FNG, we knocked out the mission statement before a little warm-up of:

  1. 5 Burpees OYO
  2. Cotton Pickers IC x 10
  3. Oz Quad Stretches
  4. Oz Pigeon Stretches

The Thang:

  1. Mosey from the point to the Galley Store Corner (Corner of Pollock and E. Front)- Plank for the 6. 10 Merkins.
  2. Backwards Run to City Hall- Plank for the 6. 10 Merkins, 12 Toddler Squats.
  3. Mosey to the corner of Craven and S. Front St- Plan for the 6. 10 Merkins, 12 Toddler Squats, 14 LSF in cadence.
  4. Jail break to Convention Center Overflow parking lot- Recover/Circle up. 10 merkins, 12 toddler squats, 14 LSF IC, 5 Burpees OYO.
    1. Ring of Fire- various exercises in a rotating circle, stopping to do a different exercise
    2. Defensive slides clockwise
      1. Bobby Hurleys- squat, then jump up and raise arms as if taking a jump shot- will do roughly 5 of these
    3. Defensive slides clockwise
      1. Pistol Squats x 5 on a single leg, slide further, switch legs
    4. Bear crawl Clockwise- LBCs x 15 at multiple stop
  6. Mosey to the end of the Raccoon Wall
  7. Rabid Raccoon Crawl- Crawl the long wall, 5 Burpees OYO, Crawl the short wall, plank for the 6
  8. Mosey to the drawbridge wall
    1.  People’s Chair 10 count down the line
    2. People’s Chair 5 overhead claps down the line


Peepin’ Tom’s Bushwood Ab workout was so good we rinsed and repeated it (25 of each):

  1. In & Out
  2. Bicycle
  3. Reverse
  4. Crunch Frog
  5. Wide Leg Situp
  6. Scissors
  7. Hip Raise
  8. Heels to Heaven
  9. Rollup V-Up
  10. Oblique V-Up
  11. Leg Climb
  12. American Hammer

Sufficiently short of breath, we closed with Name-O-Rama and welcomed Bonnie to the group!  Have a great weekend men!

Family Values

  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point Park
  • WHEN: Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: 64 Degrees and Perfect
  • WHY: Build a better version of you.
  • PREVIEW: Gomer Pyle returns. KFDN too. Maybe FNGs?

You vs. You

  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point Park
  • WHEN: Good Friday April 19th, 2019- Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: 68 degrees with a 65% of being dry
  • WHY: You'll be eating candy this weekend.
  • PREVIEW: Lotta OYO, Not a Lotta Burpees

3 Dozen

  • When: The Ides of March- 03/15/2019
  • QIC: Pyro
  • The Pax: Oz, Ingrown, Plan B, Maytag, @F3FlankSteak, Morning, McRib, Faulkner, WinthorpE, BubbleGuts, Gander, Cuddy, Lil' Wayne, Mr. Roboto, II Fingers, Kevorkian, Butterball, Bitcoin, CornFed, Pyro

No FNGs and a desire to hear grunting and grumbling ASAP, we were lulled into a Warm-O-Rama of Downward Dog that quickly turned into:

  1. 6 Burpees OYO
  2. LAP (Out to the far drawbridge-side tree & back)
  3. 12 Burpees OYO
  4. LAP
  5. 18 Burpees

(6 +12+18= 36!)


Sufficient warmth initiated, therefore…

Tha Thang:

  1. Ascending Testicles
    1. SIX- 15 degree Derkins
    2. TWELVE- 45 degree Derkins
    3. BTTW- 36 seconds- that was the plan, but those 15-degree derkins were much harder than expected, thus this was roughly a 36-count
  2. People’s Chair- 72 seconds
  3. Convention Center Wall
    1. Raccoon Crawl- plank for the 6
    2. Box x 12
    3. Dips x 12
    4. Irkins x 12
    5. Rinse and Repeat
  4. Mosey to the “New Bern Beachfront,” so-named aptly by Gander (aka the field between flagpoles and gazeebo)
  5. TRIANGLE Workout- Form a 3Some
    1. Light 1- Ranger Merkins x 36
    2. Light 2- Pistol Squats 18 each leg
    3. Light 3- Peter Parkers- 18 each leg
    4. An attempt was made to make this a relay of sorts, but that failed. YHC apologizes.
  6. Audible to lights in a line. Apologies to Ingrown and Pax member #2 that jogged back to the start.
    1. Light 1- LSF x 36 two-count (each leg counts for one)
    2. Light 2- Copperhead squats x 36
    3. Light 3- Ranger Merkins x 36
  7. Ascending Testicles
    1. SIX- 15 degree Derkins
    2. TWELVE- 45 degree Derkins
    3. BTTW- 36 seconds count…-ish.
  8. People’s Chair- 72 seconds
  9. SPRINT to the Gazeebo


  1. 11 LBCs 4CIC
  2. 12 American Hammer 4CIC
  3. 13 Freddie Mercury 4CIC
  4. Repeato
  5. @F3FlankSteak Special- BoxCutters to close it out IC x THIRTY-SIX (brutal, brutal).



  1. Blessings to CornFed (and Gander!) for moving back home this past week!
  2. Prayers for Cornfed’s Aunt and Uncle as they travel and undergo further cancer evaluation and care.
  3. Prayers for Bitcoin’s Dad as he begins Melanoma treatment today
  4. This past week marked 6 months since Hurricane Florence. Prayer of Thanks for the many blessings have.

Pyro…burnin’ out!



3 Dozen

  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point Park
  • WHEN: Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: 62 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • WHY: To Plant, Grow & Serve.


  • When: 01/11/2019
  • QIC: Pyro
  • The Pax: Unicorn, Oz, Bitcoin, McRibb, Kevorkian, Plan B, Bubbleguts, Gander, @F3Flanksteak, Faulkner, Black Dog, Maytag, Goose, Cuddy, Mr. Roboto, Butterball, Pyro (QIC)

A PAX of 17 sought to fight the cold and get it done.



  1. SSH IC x 20
  2. Goofballs IC x 20
  3. Sweat Angels- On your six do a double dolly (arms and legs at 6″ off the ground) like you’re making a snow angel.
  4. Ring of fire slides with squat call out



Tha Thang:

  1. Mosey from the point to E Front St.- 10 Burpees OYO
  2. Mosey to Craven St Corner- 10 4x4s OYO
  3. Mosey to Middle St Corner- 10 Double Merkin Burpee OYO
  4. Mosey to the railroad tracks/Hancock St.- 10 Burpees OYO
  5. Mosey to Metcalf/History Center Ramp
  6. Partner Up: Partner A- 5 Progressive Box Jumps on the Cement Seats-  Partner B- Butkus (rapid step-ups x 30 seconds on the curb). Rinse and Repeat
  7. Mosey to the History Center Steps- Merkin Ladder up, lunges to 2nd level, Merkin ladder x 2.  This was easier than expected, so we repeated with 4 merkins per step
  8. Mosey to the History Center Boardwalk Corner: BLIMPS: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges (Each Leg), 15 Imperial Walkers (4-count), 20 Merkins, 25 Plankjacks (2-count), 30 Squats
  9. Stop at the corner of boardwalk- B
  10. Stop at halfway up next boardwalk- BL
  11. Stop at History Center Parking lot- BLI
  12. Stop at the back of Skysail Condos- BLIM
  13. Stop at back of the Convention Center- BLIMP
  14. Stop at field next to the Gazebo- BLIMPS
  15. We ran out of time for ASCENDING TESTICLES…next time!


  1. Box Cutters to close it out IC x THIRTY



  1. Count-O-Rama
  2. Name-O-Rama
  3. Prayer

If you haven’t Q’ed, SIGN UP! Co-Q with someone. It’s worth it!


Front Street Burpees & Waterfront BLIMPS

  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point Park- 210 E Front St, New Bern, NC 28560 (Come out FNGs!)
  • WHEN: Friday 01/11/2019. Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: 28 degrees. Don't worry, you won't be cold for long.
  • PREVIEW: Come see if those 2 dudes from the Shriner's parking lot show up!

The Point- PyrOz Chemorads Double Virgins

  • When: 08/24/2018
  • QIC: Pyro & Oz...PyrOz!
  • The Pax: 420, Acolyte, Blue Hawaiian, Bomble, Faulkner (Respect), Flank Steak, Ingrown, Lil Wayne, McRib, Morning, Mr. Roboto, O Face, Oz (Co-Q), Peeping Tom (Respect), Pyro (Co-Q), Schnitzel, Sputnik, StickBuilt, Unicorn, Winthorpe, Kung Fu Dog from Nintendo, Bitcoin, Plan B, Goose, Gander, Stye, Maytag (Respect), Doorknob, Schrute, Jeff Davis (FNG, Henceforth RoundUp).

A Pax of 30 (THIRTY!) graced Oz & Pyro for their Double Virginity post…Oz was a virgin Q at The Point and Pyro was a virgin Q…anywhere.

We welcomed our FNG (Jeff Davis, nay RoundUp), threw out the introduction and disclaimer, and jumped in:

I started F3 via a mild Emotional Headlock from Oz 364 days ago on August 25th, 2018 and it is arguably one of the best things to happen to me, ever. I am so much better because of this community.

As for chemorads, Oz is a medical oncologist and I am a radiation oncologist. Chemotherapy circulates throughout the whole body, radiation is directed at a focused area. Both are given with the goal of making things better in the long run.

Oz and I are going to work today to “hurt” you both near and far, all with the goal of making you a better version of yourself.



  1. Cotton Pickers, in cadence x 15
  2. 5 Burpees OYO
  3. SSH, in cadence x 20
  4. Oz Pigeon Stretches OYO
  5. Quad Stretches OYO
  6. Baseball Stretches

Tha Thang:

Mosey from the point to the Galley Store Corner (NE Corner of Pollock and E. Front)

Plank for the 6

10 Merkins in Cadence

75% to City Hall sidewalk (NW Corner of Pollock and Craven)

Al Gore for the 6

Grab a piece of step or curb- baby/toddler squats, butt touching a step x 20

AYG run to grass lot (SW Corner of Craven and S. Front St)

American Hammers IC x 10

Mosey/Recover Run to the Convention Center Overflow Parking lot on the left and circle up

Plank for the 6 (poorly executed on Q’s part)

Ring of Fire- various exercises in a rotating circle, stopping to do a different exercise

Defensive slides to your left

Bobby Hurleys

Defensive slides to your right

Pistol Squats x 10- right leg

Bear crawl to your left

Pistol Squats x 10- left leg

Bear crawl to your right

John Travoltas x 10 IC right arm down

Plank Walk [aka Drunk Bear Crawl (sideways)] to your left

John Travoltas x 10 IC left arm down

Mosey to the end of the Raccoon Wall

Rabid Raccoon Crawl-

Raccoon Crawl the first wall in front of the convention center

Hop off

Backwards run up the ramp to the convention center doors.

Sprint down the walkway to the covered area

5 Burpees OYO

Raccoon crawl the 2nd wall

Plank for the 6

Rinse and repeat the Rabid Racoon Crawl

Mosey to the flagpoles


Mary, aka Yary:

  1. Yoga by Oz!  Lots, and lots of yoga including Merkins, Werkins, and Ranger Merkins.
  2. Finish with FlankSteak Box Cutters to close it out x 35 IC.



  1. FNG Jeff Davis, who owns a Landscaping business, was named Roundup (we also considered Patrinka and Brown Patch).
  2. Announcements
    1. F3 Dads Camp T-shirts order open, closes 09/04/2018
    2. YMCA Men’s Adult League Basketball, email Pyro if interested in playing.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead, and to Oz for prodding to Q. More to come, feedback on tweaks welcomed!

Pyro Out!