Trick or Tr…Coupon?

Gander – thanks for the coupon delivery this morning!

10 men gathered on Halloween at the Dirty Bird for some coupon fun. We carried our coupons everywhere we went this morning and earned our candy. Though, I may have a tough time lifting up my candy bag this evening.

Warm O Rama

  • Swimmers (w/coupons)
  • Michael Phelps (w/coupons)

The Thang

Wonderbra – People’s chair, coupons in shoulder press position, 4 count (up, down, out, in…)

Charles Bronson – mosey to the tennis courts with our coupons:

Round 1 – sprint 3 tennis court lengths, bear crawl (w/coupons) half of the 4th tennis court; sprint back. 50 Berkins

Round 2 – sprint….bear crawl…sprint back. 50 Blockees (well, maybe not 50 but we sure did a lot!) Lots of mumble chatter when exercise was announced by YHC

Round 3 – sprint…bear crawl…sprint back. 50 LBC’s (w/coupons on chest)

Round 4 – sprint…bc…sprint back. 50 Squats (yes, still holding our coupons)

Dodo Birds – People’s chair, arms in resting position, 4 count (out, down, up, down)

Blocktanomo (modified version) – PAX lineup on one side of parking lot, all PAX holding coupons in front at shoulder level, 1 at a time sprint to other side of parking lot and back. Down and back

 Iron Mike’s/Berkins – at this point, it became obvious YHC was making sh!t up on the fly…

Zombie Crawl (w/coupons) – more mumble chatter here regarding “wet shoes”

BrickBarrow’s – 2 rounds

Twin Towers of Trust – PAX in two lines facing each other with coupons at shoulder height in front of them. Each PAX bear crawls (one at a time) between the PAX. Careful, don’t drop that coupon.

Zombie Walk – some slow lunges back toward the side of the school, then a mosey to the circle for Mary


Louganis – big boy situps into shoulder press, 20x

Nolan Ryans – (w/coupons) 20x each side

Box Cutters – 30x led by @F3FlankSteak

No announcements. Sounds like all had a good time at Gander’s 50th! YHC closed us out in a quick prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, men!

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