And I Started Running…Backblast

  • When: 08/12/19
  • QIC: Sandbagger
  • The Pax: Gander, Peeping Tom, Kevorkian, Plan B, Unicorn, Lil Wayne, Oz, Winthorpe, Cuddy, and Sputnik

Good work from 11 men at Fartlek this AM! According to Dr. Kevorkian, we put in about 4 miles of work. Here’s how it went down.


Modified Blue Hawaiian lap (out NBGCC entrance > right on Country Club Rd. to 17th hole cart path > up 18th hole > back to the parking lot).

A few leg stretches while YHC provided a quick overview of the morning’s events.

The Thang:

Sprint length of NBGCC entrance > right on CC Road – mosey to 17th hold cart path > 80% to the bridge on 18th hole, i.e., the “loop.”

At the bottom of 18th hole cart path –

Round 1: 8 Hill Sprints > mosey to wall > 8 Derkins

Run the loop again…

Round 2: 6 Hill Sprints > mosey to wall > 6 Dips

Run the loop again…

Round 3: 4 Hill Sprints > mosey to wall > 4 Sumo Squats

Run the loop again…

Round 4: 2 Hill Sprints > mosey to wall > 2 Burpees


Circled up in the parking lot and…did one more sprint – (Mosey out NBGCC entrance, touch CC Road, and full gas back to the parking lot)

3 big gulps of air with arms raised and we called it a day.

No announcements. Closed out in prayer. Hope to see some of you and your 2.0’s at Dad’s Camp this weekend!

Always an honor to lead this group.

YHC, Sandbagger

Pre-Sasquatch – The Point Backblast

  • When: 07/26/19
  • QIC: Sandbagger
  • The Pax: 420, 210, Double Dipper, Lil Dipper, Ingrown, Unicorn, Mr. Roboto, Cuddy, Plan B, Doorknob, Schrute, McRib, Goose, Black Dog, Kevorkian, Blue Hawaiian, Faulkner, Pyro, StickBuilt, and Stye.

We got a little warm-up in for our friends heading to Sasquatch tomorrow. Beautiful weather at the Point this morning.

Warm O Rama:

Lap around the park


Plank/Stretches OYO

Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang:

Burpee Dans across the field and back –

Round 1: 1 Burpee; 4 lunges

Round 2: 2 Burpees; 4 lunges

Round 3: 3 Burpees; 4 lunges

(intermission due to much mumble chatter)

Headed over to Convention Center wall for Black Jack

1 jump squat on the wall; 20 carolina dry docks on other side of street

2 jump squat; 19 carolina dry docks…you get the idea

Not sure if anyone hit Black Jack before YHC shut it down.

Mosey back to the Point for Quarter Pounder

Sprint 25 yards; 25 Merkins; Backward run to the start

Sprint 50 yards; 50 Squats; Backward run to the start

Sprint 75 yards; 75 Hillbillies/Mtn Climbers; Backward run to the start

Sprint 100 yards; 100 SSH; Backward run to the start

(resume 4th quarter of Burpee Dans) –

4 Burpees; 4 Lunges


Punch -Up Merkins 10 IC

Nolan Ryan’s 10 IC

Randy Johnson’s 10 IC

Global Warming with 1 Bobby Hurley mixed in

Announcements – same day registration will be available at Sasquatch tomorrow. Good luck to the New Bern crew that will be representing us!

Closed out in prayer. I enjoyed leading the group this am.




Soggy Wednesday – Bushwood Backblast

  • When: 07/24/19
  • QIC: Sandbagger
  • The Pax: Lil Wayne, T-Pain (FNG - Thomas Tayloe), Double Dipper, Lil Dipper, Unicorn, Peeping Tom, Pyro, Winthorpe, Goose, Faulkner, Two Fingers, Oz, Bubble Guts, Haggis, Ingrown, Roboto, Bitcoin, Plan B, and Black Dog.

Good showing this morning at Bushwood. Glad to have a couple of 2.0’s out there with us. The weather finally cut us a break; it was only 68 degrees at the start! We ventured out to hole #9 for today’s workout.

Mary –

Mosey out the entrance of NBGCC and back to fairway of #9.

Side straddle hops 15x IC

LBAC’s forward – 15x IC

LBAC’s backward – 15x IC

The Thang – 7 of Diamonds/Field of Dreams

7 of Diamonds – 4 cones setup on #9

Round 1 – Burpees 7x at each cone

Round 2 – American Hammers 14x IC each cone

Round 3 – Merkins 21x IC each cone

Round 4 – Squats 28x IC each cone

Round 5 – Merkins 21x IC each cone

Round 6 – American Hammers 14x IC each cone

Round 7 – Burpees 7x at each cone

Field of Dreams 

Group of 5 at each cone, rotate when home base finishes Burpees

Home Base – Burpees 15x

1st Base – Merkins AMRAP

2nd Base – Squats AMRAP

3rd Base – LBC’s AMRAP

Mary – 

Mosey back to parking lot

Dips – 35x IC

Sprint across parking lot & back

Global Warming (Burpee 1x)

Really enjoyed our workout this morning! Welcome, T-Pain! We hope to see you at the Point this Friday. Lil Dipper stepped up his game today – he worked in some Bear Crawls during our 7 of Diamonds exercises. Thanks for coming out.

Announcements –

Roboto has F3 business cards – let him know if you’d like some.

Sasquatch this Saturday!

Closed out in prayer.



Louis XIV

  • When: 06/07/19
  • QIC: Sandbagger
  • The Pax: @F3Flanksteak, Pyro, Oz, Gander, Goose, Peeping Tom, Cuddy, 420, 210, Stye, Tree Frog, Unicorn, Purdy Mouth, StickBuilt, Blue Hawaiian, Faulkner, Lil Wayne, Plan B, Doorknob, and Black Dog

This day in 1654, Louis XIV, aka the Sun King, was crowned King of France. We did some exercises in his honor.

Warm O Rama

Sun Gods – 14x IC forward, 14x IC backward

American Hammers – 14x IC

Ran a lap

The Thang

Partnered up.

Partner 1 –  50 yd Backwards run, 1 Bobby Hurley, run back

Partner 2 – doing exercises

Flapjack until duo completes total # of exercises

  1. Burpees – 50x,
  2. Squats – 300x,
  3. LBAC’s – 300x
  4. Merkins – 150x
  5. Imperial Walkers – 300x
  6. LBC’s – 300x
  7. Plank Jacks – 150x
  8. Side Straddle Hops – 62x IC

For a grand total of 1654 reps.


Union Point Death March…modified (Catch Me if You Can, last two drop off for Burpees 3x, runs to the front)

Iron Mikes while waiting for the 6.


Tonight – June 7th 7:30pm, Purdy Mouth’s Strung Together presents the story and music of June Carter & Johnny Cash. Fundraiser for New Bern Civic Theater.

Tomorrow – June 8th 7:30pm – Walk In Bathtub Improv Show – Rated R and Beer/Wine available for purchase!


Please keep Dixon Smith and the Stubbs family in your prayers. NOTE – we ask that you please respect their privacy during this time – just keep them in your prayers!

Lastly, big shout out to Tree Frog  and 210! Impressive showing from these two lads this morning.

Always an honor to lead this group!

YHC, Sandbagger

Heat Wave

  • When: 05/29/19
  • QIC: Sandbagger
  • The Pax: 420, 210, Oz, McRib, Stye, Plan B, Gander, Deuce, Unicorn, Faulkner, Kevorkian, Black Dog, Bitcoin, Blue Hawaiian, Lil Wayne, Peeping Tom, and Winthorpe

Under a waning crescent and in 74 degree heat, 18 men had a whole bunch of fun around Bushwood. We spent some time on the Hill, which I feel has been neglected for some time now.

Warm O Rama

16 Plank Jacks IC

16 Imperial Walkers IC

16 Hillbillies IC

Blue Hawaiian Lap

Bat Wings:

15x LBAC Forward

15x LBAC Backward

15x Overhead Claps

15x Seal Claps

15x Moroccan Night Clubs

The Thang

Lap 1 – Loop around NBGCC clubhouse 2x, 6 stations of 6 Hand Release Merkins OYO

Plank O Rama – Left hand up

Lap 2 – The Hill – Up & Down 6x with 6 Sumo Squats each round OYO

Plank O Rama – Right hand up

Lap 3 – Loop around NBGCC clubhouse 2x, 6 stations of 6 Knerkins OYO

Plank O Rama – Left leg up

Lap 4 – The Hill – Up & Down 6x with 6 Iron Mike’s (each leg) each round OYO

Plank O Rama – Right leg up

Lap 5 – Loop around NBGCC clubhouse 2x, 6 stations of LBC’s OYO

Plank O Rama – Left arm & then right arm

Lap 6 – (QIC running low on time, mumble chatter slowing down) The Hill – we were all spent except for our regular group of Fastholes – Up & Down, mosey back to Parking Lot



10 WWI’s

10 Low Slow Flutter IC

9 WWI’s

10 Dying Cockroach IC

8 WWI’s

10 Penguin Crunch/Heal Touches IC

7 WWI’s

10 Low Dolly IC

6 WWI’s

10 E2K Right IC

5 WWI’s

10 E2K Left IC

4 WWI’s

10 Freddie Mercury’s IC

3 WWI’s

10 Box Cutter’s

2 WWI’s

10 LBC’s


25 Merkins – just for Winthorpe

Announcements – Sign Up for F3 Dad’s Camp now! Registration is closing very soon.

Ended with a quick prayer.

Always an honor to lead this group!

YHC, Sandbagger