3 showed up ready for a Saturday morning beat down.  We soon realized that we were without a Q … so we set out to come up with our own workout …

Moseyed the long way to the football parking lot.  Lunge walk to each of the light posts with 5 burpees at each light.  On the way back we did backwards run and bear crawl alternating between light posts with 10 squats at each light.

  • Moseyed to covered area for 25 calf raises per step.
  • Dirkins on the blocks x 20
  • Irkins x 20
  • Step ups x 10 each leg
  • LBC’s with legs on the blocks x 20
  • Dips x 20
  • Box Jumps x 10
  • to the railing for sideways railing crawl from top to bottom.

Rinsed and Repeated.

Moseyed to pull up bar for 10 pull-ups each guy while the others did BTW and Peoples Chair.

Moseyed to the track for 7’s on the track straightaway.  WWI’s and Merkins with mosey and backwards run alternating.

Moseyed to the garden on the side of the school for

  • 10 elevated Merkins
  • 10 awkward merkins (favor one side, then the other)
  • 10 squats

Rinsed and Repeated.

Moseyed to the benches for 7’s with dips and side straddle hops.  Moseyed in between points.

Moseyed long way back to the cars.


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