Ruck It – The Fundamentals

A 6-Pax gathered in The Gloom this morning for the latest rendition of Ruck It.  Theme of the Day was Fundamentals (or Foundations) of Rucking.  Mission Statement, etc. was given and we started.

WARM-O-RAMA (UnRucked)

  • SSH, IC, 10x
  • Cotton Pickers, IC, 10x
  • Rucks on for …


Multiple Foundational Rucking Exercises (“Ruckercise”) were executed throughout the morning.  These included, but were not necessarily limited to:

  • Squat Varieties (Regular, One Arm Ruck Extension, Baby Bjorn)
  • Ruck Carrying Group Work (Ruck Merkins, Ruck Thrusters, Ruck Swings, Upright Ruck Row, Bent Over Ruck Row, Overhead Ruck Press, Ruck Curls, Ruck Tricep Extensions)
  • Ground Work (Skull Crusher, Ruck Greg Louganis, American Hammers – Ruck Style, WWIs w/ Ruck, Tempo Up/Down Straight Arm Ruck Ground to Overhead while on 6, LSF w/ Static Ruck Press, Dolly w/ Ruck Press , Ruck Get-Ups)
  • Movement Varieties (Ruck on Front, Farmer Carry, Static Overhead Press Carry)
  • Ruckees (Ruck Burpees)

Counted, Named, Prayed.

Announcements:  Gobbler Challenge on Thursday.  Turkey Trot @ Taberna later same morning.  Also, sign up to Q.  You’ll love it.

Bitcoin, out.

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