Tabata Shuffle Time

A timed workout greeted the RuckIt Pax this morning.  YHC set the timer for 20 seconds of exercise (either AMRAP Rucked Merkins or AMRAP Rucked Squats within 20 seconds, alternating each cycle), 32 seconds of Ruck, 30 seconds of Ruck Shuffle, 33 seconds of Ruck, 30 seconds of Ruck Shuffle, 35 seconds of Ruck.  Repeat x 15 cycles.  Per Gander’s tracker, Pax covered 2.88 miles and worked in approximately 80 Rucked Merkins and 90 Rucked Squats.

Counted, Named and Prayed.

Mr Roboto asks that all Pax add your emergency contact info to the F3 membership form.  If you don’t know how to access membership form, ask 1 of your F3 brothers.

Appreciate  the opportunity to lead.


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