virginia beach shuffle

Warmer than expected morning greeted the Pax.  With no FNGs we began with a brief Warm-a-Rama: Good Mornings, SSH, Cotton Pickers, Sun Gods, Downward/Upward Dog, Baseball stretches.

We  unloaded a cinderblock for each pax, which was to be a constant companion for the remainder of the morning. We then made our way  to the track, carrying our coupon in any fashion that felt comfortable, stopping every 100 yards for coupon deadlifts in reps of 20, 15, 10, 15, 20.  Next we did overhead coupon press with the same rep count before we arrived at the goal posts for the Thang.

YHC recently posted in Virgina Beach where Sunshine of F3 Hampton Roads offered the following: 10 Pull-ups, coupon carry x 30 yards, 20 Merkins, coupon carry x 30 yards, 30 squats, coupon carry 60 yards back to pull-up bar for 9 Pull-ups, carry, 18 Merkins, carry, 27 squats and repeato down to 1 Pull-up, 2 Merkins and 3 Squats.  With a hard stop approaching, YHC called an audible with 2 sets remaining so the Pax could work our way back to the front.  Along the way we completed bent-over coupon rows and coupon curls 3 x 10.

No time for Mary.  Counted, named and prayed.  Great work by the pax today.  Pax covered 1.5 miles with our coupons except for Cuddy, who in a show a tremendous strength, crumpled his coupon into several large pieces and then carried the broken cindy an additional 75 yards to the trash.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead.


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