No FNG’s so we jumped right in.

Warm-o-rama: SSH 4CIC x 51 (QIC is not quite 52 yet) , Abe Vagoda Windmill 4CIC x 10, Cotton Pickers 4CIC x 10, Michael Phelps 4CIC x 10, Baseball Stretch OYO, Downdog calf stretch OYO, Slider Merkins x 10.

The Thang PART I: Mosey to the entrance of the park for a stack workout.

  1. Lunge Walk to the first corner for 5 Burpees.
  2. High Knees to next corner for 5 Burpees and 10 Iron Mikes.
  3. Butt kickers back to the first corner for 5 Burpees, 10 Iron Mikes and 15 Merkins.
  4. Bear Crawl back to the starting spot for 5 Burpees, 10 Iron Mikes and 15 Merkins & 20 Squats

The Thang PART II: Partnered up for 4 rounds of exercises at the short wall:

  1. Partner A – 25 Dips while partner B did Squats. (Flip flop)
  2. Partner A – 20 Dirkins while partner B did WWI’s. (Flip flop)
  3. Partner A – 25 Step-Ups with High Knees while partner B did American Hammers. (Flip flop)
  4. Partner A – 15 Plank up to the Wall while partner B did Freddy Mercury’s. (Flip flop)

Walked over to the covered entrance area to the convention center for more partner work.

  1. Partner A – Balls To The Wall while partner B ran to the fire hydrant down the street and back (Flip flop) – 4 rounds.

Jump Squats x 20 with a Toddler Squat hold after the 20th rep, up halfway to a 90 degree squat hold with slow up to standing and recover.  Rinse and repeated with only 15 jump squats in the 2nd round.

Everyone got some wall for Descending Testicles.  Started at BTTW, then 45 degrees, 15 degrees, 5 degrees with 5 Merkins.  Recovered and then Ascending Testicles starting at plank, then to 15 degrees, 45 degrees and 90 degrees with a 10 second hold.

Moseyed back to the flagpole towards the picturesque sunrise … really amazing!

Mary: Pound Cakes 4CIC x 15, Low Slow Fluter 4CIC x 25 , 100s and 007’s.

Thank you to all the Veterans!!

Announced. Named. Prayed.

Thanks for coming out!  Thanks for the push!


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