Ruck It BackBlast – BYOB

A 9-Pax showed out in The Gloom this morning.  Gathering was held in the Convention Center Overflow Parking lot due to high water (?) at Union Point Park.  Black Dog, Mr. Roboto and YHC all contributed to the pile of sandbags.  In all, we had 2 @ 40 lbs, 1 @ 52 lbs, and 2 @ 60 lbs., plus one orange cone.  YHC finds it ironic that Sandbagger Q’d The Fartlek this morning.  Hard Start @ 0530.


  • Rucks off
  • SSH, IC, 10x
  • Cotton Pickers, IC, 10x
  • Tempo-Tempo Merkins, 10x (Tempo Down & Tempo Up)

As it was not breezy enough in the parking lot, Pax rucked up, grabbed a sandbag, and moved to the grassy field near the traffic circle.  This gave the Pax a full indication of the wind speed and direction.

THE THANG (Rucks on for entire experience)

  • Bear Crawl to  Cone
  • Link arms for WWII’s, OMU, 10x
  • LInk arms for Lunge Walk
  • Pair Up
  • YHC linked together a 40 lb and a 60 lb sandbag.  This was used for a sandbag drag to cone and back.  While 1 Pax was dragging, his teammate would hold a Standard Plank Position.  Other Pairs would perform alternating Sandbag Cleans.  The remaining 40 lb sandbag was a clean and press station.  Rotate pairs until all Pax completed every station.
  • Pair up for Bear Crawl with sandbag drag to cone
  • Rucked up Tempo-Tempo Merkins, 10x
  • Sandbag ruck back to parking lot


Short demo of various exercise using rucks.  Call it a Ruxersample.

  • Tempo-Tempo Sumo Squats, 15x
  • Ruck Thrusters, IC, 10x
  • Ruck Swings, OMU, 10x
  • Upright Ruck Rows, OMU, 10x
  • Bent Over Ruck Rows, OMU, 10x
  • Greg Louganis w/ Ruck, OMU, 10x

Hard Stop @ 0615


F3 Shirt Order with MudGear is up.  Get you order in by this week before it is closed out.

GrowRuck event is coming in March 2022 – Will be in Greenville.  More to come.  Start prepping now and let’s take a large Pax from F3NewBern to represent.

Counted, Named, Prayed.

All Pax are now incrementally better than when the day began.  You’re welcome.

Bitcoin, out!

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