RuckIt- Voluntold

10 HIMs started their week with some serious Ruckage.  Ottoman had the SmartSack on lock thanks to some 2.0 Virulence, but the hims otherwise showed out to give RuckIt back-to-back double digit Pax weeks.


Morrocan Night Clubs, 1 burpee, Abe Vigodas, 2 Burpees, SSHs, 3 Burpees, Downward Dog+ROL+LOR+Up Dog,  4 Burpees.  Ruck up.



Ruck to knee wall for 15 Irkins and 20 Dips

Ruck to S. Front & Craven, where a hat tip to Peepin’ Tom was given for using the traffic lights…this time Green = Ruck, Yellow = Ruck Shuffle/Run, and Red also = Ruck Shuffle/Run.

We used the Craven, left on Pollock, left on Middle, left on S. Front loop.

1st loop- stop @ S Front and Craven for Chest presses with ruck

2nd loop- stop @ City Hall for Squat Mountain up and down the City hall Stops

3rd loop- stop @ Pepsi store for Alligator Merkins, Omaha’ed due to the Sysco Tractor Trailer, before wrapping those up.

Ruck down to S. Front, around the Farmer’s Market, and shuffle back to the Gazebo.

MARY: Ain’t no Mary, 0615!


  1. Adopt Moses the Kitten! (Free Willy is tentatively on this)
  2. T-shirt order is live on The F3 Mudgear website, orders due by 11/11/2021:
  3. If you want to Ruck but lack the gear, Text Pyro (252-670-6023) as we have some extra Rucks to borrow!  For example, @F3FlankSteak has hard committed to Ruck Weds morning at BlackOps/Meadows Park! Aye!


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