Pop Up Ruck BackBlast – Straight Rucking, Homie

A 6-Pax posted this morning at Union Point Park for what Goose would call a “No BS” Ruck.  Throw some weight on your back and go.  Route took us over the Trent River Bridge, around and behind Bridgepoint, to SECU and back across bridge (Plan B sighting here, maybe someone else, but did not recognize).  Then left into downtown, up MIddle to Broad and then back towards the starting point, but with a trip under the bridge. before finishing at Gazebo.

Lots of opportunity to talk with your fellow Pax this morning.  Kotters to Viagra.

Gathering at Gander’s house tonight.  Monday’s Ruck It will be at the James City Pedestrian Bridge – Park at Forbes Mobile Home Supply near the John Deere place.  Black Dog to Q this one, so be ready.

Forward looking thoughts:  Nearby GrowRuck Events for 2022 might include ENC and Va. Beach.  Time to start prepping is now.  If you have even a passing interest, feel free to talk to McRib, Mr. Roboto, Black Dog or YHC, as we have each done at least one GrowRuck event.

Congratulations to Goose for hitting a weight loss target.

Other random thoughts/ideas to be communicated by our Nantan at some point.

Enjoy your day.


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