BLIMPS at The Point

A strong showing of 21 posted this Thurs AM with perfect temps in the low 60s. 1 FNG (welcome Theranos!).  Disclaimer made and off we went.


  • SSH IC x 20
  • SGs IC x 10 each direction
  • Arm baseball stretch OYO
  • WMs IC x 15
  • Tandem Indian Run to Sky Sail


  • Partner Up for BLIMPS
  • Partner A does specified exercise, B runs backwards up to top of driveway ramp, does 10 LBCs and runs forward down. Total of two up and backs.  Once B is back, partners switch roles
  • Burpies x 50
  • Lunges x 100 (single count)
  • Imperial walkers x 150 (double count)
  • Merkins x 200
  • Plank jacks x 250 (single count)
  • Squats x 300 (aggregate, no running up ramp due time crunch)

Mosey back to Flagpole and UP Park

No time for MARY

Welcome new FNG – Theranos!


-F3 shirts orders underway. Let Roboto know by 10/18 if you’d like a shirt

-Beer District Beer Mile run, Sun Oct  24

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