Ruck It BackBlast – Do The Ruck Shuffle

What a morning!  Breeze out of the NE provided for great starting conditions for Ruck It this morning.  A Pax of 3 posted – make it 4 with our Nantan coming in HOT.  Mission Statement given and the Plan of the Day was presented.


Alternate 2 minute Ruck and 1 minute Ruck Shuffle.  Objective – Former location of Pete & Nikki’s on Broad Street and back.  Modification about 10 minutes in to a 5 minute Ruck then 1 minute Ruck Shuffle.  Objective met with time to spare, so Pax did a Double Dipper Victory Lap around the Union Point Park block.

Hard Stop @ 0613.

Final stats courtesy of Gander’s Garmin:  3.25 miles at a 13:25 pace.

Gander should be sending out an announcement later, but FYI … Dirty Bird has flown south for the winter and should re-appear around late May of 2022.  All Tuesday Pax will now only have to post at Bushwood.

Sign up to Q Ruck It, or any AO for that matter.  Enjoy the day, and the week.

Bitcoin, out!

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