Iron Pax week 2 crazy 88s

A beautiful morning for week 2 of IPC.  Due to a scheduling conflict (the M said I had to be home by 7:30AM), YHC went out early to complete the challenge.  Finishing just before the hard start, YHC led a brief warm-a-rama and then provided instructions for the Challenge.

Feeling a bit guilty about watching the Pax put in the work while watching from the side, YHC jumped in to do a few sets.  Even at half the rep count, YHC was unable to keep up with McRib.  Strong work was being done by all as I left.

YHC appreciates the Pax understanding of my early departure.

Round 1: Burpees & Sprinting

Do 8 Burpees on the sideline, sprint to the far sideline and do 8 more. Continue until the 11th set of 8 Burpees are complete (88 total)

Round 2: Squrls & Coupon Carries

Do 8 Squrls* on the sideline, coupon carry to the far sideline and do 8 more. Continue until the 11th set of 8 Squrls are complete (88 total)

*Squrl = Squat while curling coupon up to chest.

Round 3: Overhead Presses & Rifle Carries

Do 88 Overhead Presses on the sideline, rifle carry to the far sideline, do 88 more (176 total). Rifle carries may be done holding the coupon horizontally or vertically, but the arms alone are holding it up. Rx = No resting it on your head.

Round 4: X-Factors, Bear Crawl & Crawl Bear

Do 88 X-Factors** on the sideline, Bear Crawl to the far sideline. Do 88 more, then Crawl Bear back to the sideline (176 total) – PAX must cross the field once by Bear Crawling and once by Crawl Bearing. It is PAX choice which one they do first.

**X-Factor = on your six, begin each rep by spreading your body out into an X, with the backs of your hands and your heels all touching the ground. Then with straight arms and your elbows locked, pick one hand reach up & touch your opposite foot (1 touch = 1 rep). Then alternate to your other hand and foot for the next rep. 


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