Ruck It BackBlast – Easy Day

7 HIMs gathered in The Gloom for an easy day of Ruck It.  Once properly welcomed, Pax got started with:


  • SSH, IC, 10x (no ruck)


  • Ruck Thrusters, OMU, 8x
  • Upright Ruck Rows w/ High Knees, OMU, 6x
  • Ruck Hop Overs, OMU, 11x
  • Rinse & Repeat for a total of 4 cycles
  • For the significance of 8.6.11, ask a Pax that posted
  • Rucks on plus 60lb and 40lb sandbag for movement to Unicorn’s poles in front of Purdy Mouth’s house


  • Inverted Row, OMU, 6x (no ruck)
  • Burpee with additional squat to finish, OMD, 6x (no ruck)
  • Mountain Climbers, IC, 6x (no ruck)
  • Ruck Get Ups, OMU, 6x
  • Rinse & Repeat for total of 3 cycles
  • Rucks on plus sandbags for return to Union Point Park


  • Repeat of Thang 1 for 3 more cycles


  • Bruce Lee – 10x per exercise plus 50s

Out of time – Hard Stop @ 0615

Counted, Named, Announced, Prayed.

F3Kinston 1 Year Anniversary this weekend.  Details here:  F3 Kinston- One Year – F3 Kinston

TClaps to Moonshine for completing his first GoRuck event in Wilmington Saturday.  Earned his patch.

As we strive for continuous improvement over time, remember this mantra – The only easy day was yesterday.

Bitcoin, out!

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