Tabata Time

A pax of 3 welcomed the warm and rain drenched gloom with enthusiasm.  Also known as, ‘we are getting rained on, best to just get started’.

As the name implies a tabata timer was used to create 6 thirty second intervals of exercise (Merkins or Squats- alternating each interval), ruck, shuffle, ruck, shuffle, ruck, repeat.  A series of horns/bells kept us on pace.   Our goal was 8-12 rucked merkins OYO or 10-14 rucked squats OYO per cycle while maintaining a 15 minute/mile pace around the Union Point Park small loop.  At some point around the 35 minute mark, YHC’s phone decided it was wet enough and only intermittently gave us our interval notices.  The pax also decided you can only get so wet and stopped our previous puddle avoidance techniques.  Ottoman’s 2.0, Governor, would have been proud!

We pressed on until the 44 minute mark.  At the point, YHC called it as we recorded just under 3miles rucked, 65-75 merkins and 70-90 squats.  We counted, named and prayed.

Excellent work men.  Thank you for allowing me to lead today.


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