Carry On

With the Kickball event postponed due to all the rain?!? and suggestions that Qs shake the workouts up a bit, YHC decided carrying weight over long distances as a team sounded good.  Pax arrived to find a collection of heavy coupons to take on a journey.  After a few uncertain looks, we hit 07:00 and began.

Warm-a-rama: SSH 4CIC x20, Abe Vigoda 4CIC x10, Sun Gods (Sobriety) 4CIC x10 F&R, Downawrd/Upward Dog into plank hold for 45 seconds, 3 Burpees.

YHC then laid out the rules, pax were to move the 120lb sandbag, 80lb sandbag and 40lb sandbag about 1/4 mile within 5 minutes.  Once our destination was reached, pax would do a series of exercises as a group followed by 3 burpees.  If any coupon touched the ground, burpees would increase by 1.  After each stop for exercises, pax rotated to a different coupon so we all shared the love. Little Dipper and Governor kept a tight grip on their pair of 15 and 8lb dumbbells, respectively, throughout the workout.

We packed up and our first stop was the benches on the side of the school for McRib’s 7s special (Merkins, Bear Crawl to curb, 3 irkins, Bear Crawl to bench, Dips, Bear Crawl to curb, 3 dirkins, Bear Crawl to starting point. Rinse and repeat 7s style).  3 Burpees.

Next destination was the far goal posts.  YHC was willing to concede coupons touching the ground to cross the culvert but McRib was a firm “NO!”.  That was a good call as we now had our carry techniques down and even with the extra time to work our way down, over, up and out of the culvert, we still made our 5 minute mark.  Here we did 135 pull-ups as a team and 180-225?LBCs as a team.  3 Burpees.

Packed up and headed to the overhang for 15 Cuddys (calf raises) per step, onto the blocks for 15 Bulgarian Split Squat OMD per leg and a new pax favorite courtesy of Gander, Gorilla Humpers 4CIC x15.  3 Burpees

Loaded up again and headed to the flower beds/greenhouse area for more team work, 135 deep Merkins (chest breaking plane of planters), 180 Dirkins and 225 Irkins. YHC forgot to order the 3 burpees at this site.

One final pack out to the parking lot as the hard stop was quickly approaching.

Mary: 3 Burpees and Low, Slow Flutter 4CIC x 20

Counted, Named and Prayed.  Welcome to 2.0 FNG  ‘Governor’ Cooper Carr!  Great job, not a single coupon on the ground today!

If you will allow YHC 1 observation, Pax moved 286lbs 1.5 miles in less than an hour while busting out over 1200 reps of exercises.  If we did this for 5-6 hours you will have essentially completed a GoRuck Basic.  If we did the same for 12-13 hours, you will have essentially completed a GrowRuck Tough.  Ok, we would still need to get very wet and at some point move a telephone pole for the tough.  Point is, you can do it, because you will have prepared and you  will have a team supporting you.

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