The Bear Backblast

A full case (12-Pax) of HIMs showed up at The Bear to sweat and sweat some more.  With TWO FNGs- including one that was being Emotionally Headlocked (EH’ed) for more than a year, the mission and disclaimer were presented and off we went, stealing ideas I picked up at F3 Carterico’s Rolling Stone and from reading one too many Bear backblasts where I failed to post.



SSH, 1 Burpee, Goofballs, Downward Dog (Both feet, LOR, ROL, Both Feet), Upward Dog


Stop 1:

High School Front Steps- 10 Cuddys (Calf Raises) per step

Wall Sit with a 10-count down the line, Merkins, Wobbly Wall Sit (1 leg up with 5-count down the line), Wide Merkins, Wobbly Wall Sit with other leg, Ranger Merkins (Merkins were 20 on my down aka OMD)

Stop 2:

Mosey to benches on side of the school for dips, Heel elevated curb squats, tempo dips, toe elevated curb squats, narrow grip dips, and “cliffhanger” squats with heels hanging off the curb

Stop 3:

Navigate to the track (Shout out to Cuddy and 420 for the secret pathway) for an Ab mile, stopping every 200 meters (half-lap) for an ab exercise

Quarter pounder:

  1. Run to ~25-yard-line –> 25 merkins –> backwards run back to end line
  2. Run to ~50-yard -line–> 50 prisoner squats –> backwards run back to end line
  3. Run to opposite ~25-yard-line –> 75 LBCs –> backwards run back to end line
  4. Run to oppos end-line –> 100 air presses –> backwards run back to end line


Stop 4: Sufficiently, smoked, we moseyed to the opposite side of the school for Springboards on the stairs:

  1. 1st step 10 squats, 9 calf raises
  2. 2nd step: 8 squats, 7 calf raises
  3. 3rd step: 6 squats, 5 calf raises
  4. 4th step: 4 squats, 3 calf raises
  5. 5th step: 2 squats, 1 calf raise
  6. Top Step: 25 squats, 25 calf raises

Pick a cement box for roving merkins- start at one corner, merkin, slide hands to the right and merkin again- perform 3 merkins per side, one on each corner


A couple of ab exercises, finishing with on your back in & outs IC x 25

Announcements: Plan B and Black Dog planning a 2.0 friendly Kick ball workout next Saturday at the Bear, all are welcome!  Will need plenty of numbers to have that work well, so bring your friends, FNGs and 2.0s!

Counted, named and prayed.  Welcome to 2.0-aged Nutmeg (Spencer Goodwin) and Respect to FNG Delhi Belly (Terrance Barkan).

Great job HIMs!


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