FlexScape BackBlast – If It Feels Good, Do It

YHC’s first attempt at Q-ing the new Friday AO.  Hopefully not a wasted morning for the Pax.  Upon gathering, Mission Statement & Disclaimer were given and we got comfortable in the grassy area near the flagpoles.  Grass was nice and cushiony, and was pretty dry, to boot.

Went through some basic Warm Ups and then settled in for some focused stretches of moderate duration.  Mixed in some dynamic movement as well as some static holds and then returned to some more stretching.  This morning provided for a good bit of mumble chatter as the Pax enjoyed the scenery, etc.  Hard Stop at the appointed time.

Closed in an F3-Approved manner.

Sasquatch PreBlast/Signup is live.  See www.f3enc.com – Right on their landing page.  Saturday, July 31 in Greenville.  This is a great CSAUP, men.  YHC is in.

Enjoy the weekend.

Bitcoin, out.

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