Flex/Manscaping Backblast

Pax of 5 were witness to Goose and a sunrise this morning, the jury is still out as to which is more beautiful. After we considered just joining A Hopeful Balance for the morning since the Gazebo had been so painstakingly squeegeed, it was determined that we could do this thing ourselves.

So a disclaimer was provided and we jumped in to some Warm-a-rama:

  • Carioca down to the tree and back.
  • Butt kickers to the lamp post, High Knees back.
  • Frankensteins to the lamp post, Amble back.

Circle up for the Thang:

Neck side stretches
Neck Circles
Shoulder Circles
Shoulder extension reaches, down and up
Child Pose with lat focus, move to pec twist, then thread the needle
Cobra Merkin
Lunge R with hold, then twist
Frog Pose
Lunge L with hold, then twist
Leg Tuck
Leg Side Drops
Cross Body Glute Pulls
Reach Through Glute Pulls
Hip Swivels
Squat to Pike
Cat Cow
Wrist Stretches


  • Homer to Marge x12 SC
  • LBCs x12 IC
  • American Hammers x12 IC


Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, and Announcements. Good work this morning Pax, really glad to have you all out there.


Mr. Roboto

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