Ruck It BackBlast – Circuit Breaker

Breaker …?  I never even touched her.

A new attendance record for Ruck It was set this morning with a Pax of 10.  First time reaching double digits …  Woo!

Gathered with YHC reciting Mission Statement and Disclaimer.  Rucks on for:


  • Sungods, IC, 10x Forwards then Reverso
  • Standing Static Hamstring Stretch


The morning’s beat down would allow the Pax to perform multiple exercises in succession (i.e. The Circuit Breaker) and would induce some deep breathing along the way.  Pax would switch to the next exercise and continue until all 10 circuits were completed.  The Out & Back portion was approx. 15 yards (30 yards total).  Once the 6 was finished with the Out & Back, this was the signal to switch.

  • 1) Sandbag Cleans – AMRAP
  • 2) Ruck Curls – AMRAP
  • 3) Ruck Bear Crawl – Out & Back
  • 4) Ruck Swings – AMRAP
  • 5) Overhead Ruck Press – AMRAP
  • 6) Ruck Lunge Walk – Out & Back
  • 7) Upright Ruck Rows – AMRAP
  • 8) Bent Over Ruck Rows – AMRAP
  • 9) Ruck on Front Crab Walk – Out & Back
  • 10) Skull Crushers – AMRAP
  • Ruck 1 lap around Union Point Park block and return to Rinse & Repeat entire circuit
  • Ruck 1 lap and return to starting point


  • Pax placed all rucks in a pile and then lined up not quite shoulder to shoulder in Plank Position.  Rucks were then passed through one by one from one end to the other.  Pause for a quick 10 count and repeat passing rucks back through the other way.  Some rucks were heavier than others.  No matter – all rucks made the journey to and fro.

Counted, Named, Announced and Prayed.  CSAUP in Kinston this Saturday (see Twitter Feed – Thanks, Lt. Dan), Sasquatch coming July 31 in Greenville.

Great morning and great effort from the Pax.  Sign up to Q … It’s AWESOME!!

Bitcoin, out!

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