Thursdays @ The Point

15 Studs Join the First-Ever Thursdays @ The Point on a warm, humid morning, but the rain had let up!


  1. SSH IC x 15
  2. Mountain Climbers IC x 15
  3. “The Wave” Pull-Ups: All Pax in a hanging hold on the Gazebo; First Pax performs a pull-up, then on to the next, creating the “Wave”-like phenomenon of a sports stadium.  1 rep all around, then 2 reps all around
  4. Abe Vigodas IC x 15
  5. Carrot Pickers IC x 10
  6. Repeato the Wave Pull-Ups: 1 rep and then 2 reps


  1. Mosey via the Pedestrian bridge to the Convention Center Wall- Raccoon Crawl
  2. Reverse on the wall with lunge walks with twists.  Don’t fall off the wall!
  3. “Evolution”: 10 Merkins, 20 Knee Wall Groiners (Hands on top of the wall, groiner up to your feet on the wall), 30 Cuddy’s (calf raises)
  4. “Patty Dips”: Partner Up: Partner A in Dip Position, Partner B straddles Partner A’s knees (Not too close Bitcoin).  Exercise: Partner A Dips while partner B squats.  At top of exercise, alternate hands to “patty-cake” We did 12, then WWI’s x 12
  5. Patty Dips x 10, WWIs x 10
  6. Patty Dips x 8, WWIs x 8
  7. Patty Dips x 6, WWIs x 6
  8. Patty Dips x 4, WWIs x 4
  9. Picked up the pace and knocked out Patty Dips x 2, WWIs x 2
  10. Move to the Convention Center Main parking lot for 7s: Burpees and Chinook Squats (3 Chinook arm circles followed by a squat)
  11. With time to spare, one more Raccoon Crawl
  12. Mosey to the drawbridge wall for People’s Chair 10-count down the line, followed by Wobbly People’s Chair 5 count on one leg, then flap jack to other leg for another 5-county
  13. All you got to the Gazebo


  1. Heels to Heaven IC x 15
  2. Pickle Pointers Tempo IC x 15
  3. LBCs IC x 25

Counted and named.

Announcements: New AO kicking off Friday morning at Union Point Park! Come out for some beginner yoga!

Prayed it out.  Have a great day!





  1. My imagination had me thinking that the Patty-ing on the Patty Dips came in the form of Partner B slapping alternating cheeks of Partner A at the top of the rep. We’ll save that for next time.

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