A strong pax of 8 HIMs posted for a round of LIIRs (Low Impact Interval Rucking). No FNGs present and no workout planned, so we warmed up with:


  • SSH 4CICx5
  • Sun Gods 4CICx5; flapjack
  • Downward Dog

The Thang

Rucked up and took off. At 5 min mark:

  • Overhead Press OMUx15

Rucked up and took off. At 5  min intervals, continued stacking exercises until we did the following:

  • Overhead Press OMUx15 – all stops
  • Scoobies OMUx15 (Upright Ruck Row – say it fast) – stops 2-6
  • Baby Bjorn Squats OMDx15 (ruck on front of your torso) – stops 3-6
  • LSF w/raised Ruck 4CICx15 – stops 4-6
  • Extended Skull Crushers OMDx15 – stops 5 & 6
  • Box Cutters w/raised Ruck 4CICx15 – stop 6

Covered 2.3 miles!

Returned to Union Pointe Park behind schedule (I apologized appropriately). As a reminder, ‘If there is no plan, the plan will fail.’ Plan your Q’s, respect the time.

Counted, named and announced. NEXT MONDAY – AO CHANGE FOR RUCK IT! WILL MEET AT FORBES MOBILE HOME SUPPLY. Yep, that’s right, time for the pedestrian bridge – may be the last time we get to enjoy that BS. Come one, come all.

Prayed for all to read their pre-blasts and back-blasts and generally be good people.

A pleasure to lead.




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