Ruck It

A chatty pax of 7 including FNG Josiah Bosse (now PFD). A horrible version of the welcome was stumbled through with BitCoin correcting about every other word. PFD got the point and Purdy Mouth acted like he remembered. After that debacle, we started.


  • SSH 4CICx10
  • Abe Vigodas 4CICx10
  • Carrot Pickers 4CICx10
  • Downward Dog

We then rucked up and headed out on a quest to find new areas or challenges for future workouts. Below are the areas we hit and what we did at each.

  • Ramp down to water behind gazebo, stopped at steps for 25 Heel Raises
  • To bridge under the bridge, lunge walk flat section
  • To lighted steps behind convention center for elevated heel squats
  • Up ramp on end of Double Tree and squats back down the steps
  • Up to SkySail ramp for Slow Bernies – caution, new coating is very slippery
  • Continued behind SkySail and Farmer’s Market to parking lot caddy corner to History Center
  • 7s the length of the middle parking section – Sumo Squats, Lunge Walk, Merkins, Bear Crawl
  • Up ramp at History Center, across porch and then around building on knee wall (secondary Raccoon Crawl location)
  • Squats down the steps to walkway
  • Speed challenge around back side of Tryon Palace back to Pollock St
  • Continued with some double time back to the gazebo as we were late
  • Oh yeah, all the while passing around a 40-lb sand bag

No time for Mary. Announcement – F3 ‘Business’ meeting Thur, 3/4, at 7:00pm. Location TBD. Be watching for a Preblast from Mr. Roboto.

Prayed us out. Thank you for the opportunity to lead!



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