10 Years of F3- A Modified “Backblast #001”

10 #HIMs of New Bern started 2021 off with colder than expected- but not rainy!- post to The Point.  Today marks 10 years since Dredd and OBT began the workouts that would become F3 at Alexander Graham Middle School in Charlotte, NC.  34 men posted that day and F3 has grown ever since.

For a great background (and reference to this workout, see here!

  1. Lap to Warm it Up- Omaha’ed the run due to flooding- ran to the wooden pedestrian bridge and back
  2. 21 Burpees for 2021
  3. Black EyeD Pea Pickers IC x 10 (as most of the rep counts for that 1st workout were sets of 10)
  4. Downward Dog
  5. Up Dog
  6. Sun Gods IC x 10 Fwd
  7. Sun Gods IC x 10 Backward
  8. SSH IC x 10
  9. Goofballs IC x 10
  10. Downward Dog (Straight down, ROL, LOR)

The Thang

To the bridge- 7 Merkins, 7 Werkins, 7 Diamond Merkins and  7 Plie Squats

To the back of the Convention Center- 7 Merkins, 7 Werkins, 14 Squats

Craven Street- 7 Merkins, 7 Werkins, 7 Diamond Merkins, 7 Squats (YHC Omaha’ed here, anticipating an overabundance of leg work forthcoming at City Hall)

Mosey to City Hall for:

  1. Bear Drop Squats (aka Toddler squats with your 6 touching the curb) IC x 21
  2. 21s- 20 “Monkey Shockers” (aka Monkey Humpers) on the steps, 1 Irkin on the opposite curb, then 19 Monkeys and 2 Irkins, so on… until 1 Monkey ShOCKERSr and 20 Irkins (Kevorkian may be on the morning news for this)
Mosey to Craven & S Front- Mountain Climbers IC x 10 (Skipped Squat thrusters, legs fairly busted at this point)

Mosey to The Corner of E Front St and S. Front St– Mountain Climbers IC x 10

MOSEY under the drawbridge and to the wall for 30 seconds of people’s chair (a la Backblast #001)

We then ran the length of the park road with gusto, All You Got to the Gazebo


  1. Knee-Ups IC x 21
  2. Dolly IC x 21
  3. Flutter Kick (Omaha’ed to Low Slow Flutter) IC x 21
  4. Little Baby Crunches x 21 OMU

COT: Counted, named, and prayed- asking for growth of our group and continued good works from the HIMs of F3 New Bern in 2021.  Aye!

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