Ruck It BackBlast – Dare

  • When: 07/13/2020
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Gander (RESPECT), McRib, Mr. Roboto, Bitcoin (QIC)

A heavy day this morning at Ruck It.  4 HIM’s accepted YHC’s challenge and posted in the thickness of The Gloom, ready to do work.  We gathered in grassy area near the Gazebo, where YHC had pre-positioned markers in preparation for the Beatdown.


Part 1 – Payne Box (Courtesy of Major Payne – F3 The Capital)

Corner 1

  • Ruck Get Ups, 10x
  • Ruck Bear Crawl, 20x (Each Arm Movement Forward = 1 Rep)

Corner 2

  • Ruck Manmaker, 10x (Plank, Merkin, Right Shoulder Tap, Merkin, Left Shoulder Tap, Merkin, Recover to Standing = 1 Rep)
  • Ruck Flop, 20x (Army Crawl w/ each Ruck Flop = 1 Rep)

Corner 3

  • Overhead Ruck SitUps, 10x (Each Rep Starts/Finishes with Ruck Overhead on Ground)
  • Ruck Drag, 20x (Bear Crawl Position, Drag Ruck, Alternate Arms, Each Arm Movement Forward = 1 Rep)

Corner 4

  • Ruck Squats, 20x
  • Ruck Lunge Walk, 10x (Knee to Ground Each Step, 1 Step = 1 Rep)

Rinse & Repeat with Reps cut in half for Round 2

Recover with briskly paced Ruck over Trent River Bridge and back.  Distance of approx. 1.1 miles covered in roughly 15 mins.  Slightly better than a 4 mph pace.

Part 2 (Courtesy of 529 – F3 Puget Sound)

  • 1 minute Ruck Elbow Plank (Breaking of Plank position = 5 Ruck Burpees)
  • Squirrels, 15x (Squat with Ruck Curl at top of movement)
  • LSF with Ruck Overhead Press, IC, 30x
  • Ruck Merkins, 10x
  • Thrusters, 15x (Squat with Overhead Press at top of movement)
  • 1 minute Ruck Standard Plank (Breaking of Plank position = 5 Ruck Burpees)

No penalties handed out.  Rinse & Repeat.  Due to time constraints, 2nd round was half the number of 1st round.  Again, no penalties.

Hard Stop 0617.

COT with announcements (Sasquatch) &  Prayer.  YHC forgot Name-O-Rama.  Apologies to the Pax.

Excellent work put forth by the Pax today.  McRib really enjoyed the Warm-O-Rama portion of the morning.

Bitcoin out!

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