No Q … I got it.

8 Gathered on a perfect Saturday morning for a little something – something.  We did a lot of stuff and there was a lot of demented new exercises that I may regret doing later today.  I think that I remembered most of the stuff we did today.  It went a little something like this ….


  • Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC
  • Sun Gods x 10 each direction IC
  • Cotton Pickers – sis to side x 15 IC
  • OZ leg stretches – OYO
  • Down dog calf stretches into up dog back stretches
  • Slerkins with a 5 count down x 6 IC
  • Slarolina Sry Slocks with 5 count down x 6 IC
  • plank to Merkin to Carolina Dry dock x 5 IC
  • Lunge Holds with back knee bend on Q’s instruction.

Indian run to football parking lot.  Progressive exercises with various ways to get to each corner of the parking lot.


  • Corner 1 – 5 Burpees then bear crawl and backwards run alternating from light post to light post. (sorry about that third leg bear crawl … ouch)
  • Corner 2 – 5 Burpees and 10 Dying Cockroaches then high knees (no skipping) and lunge walk alternating between parking rows.
  • Corner 3 – 5 Burpees, 10 Cockroaches, 15 Travolta’s each arm then sprint & jog alternating between light posts.
  • Corner 4 – 5 Burpees, 10 cockroaches, 15 Travolta’s each arm, 20 squats the caraoka alternating sides (with a pirouette) between parking rows.

Mosey to the covered area.

  • 50 Cuddy Calf Raises.
  • mover to the wall for a new exercise I named Hell x 4 count – Start in BTW crawl your hands out to plank and do a merkin and back to BTW.  Increasing the merkin count each time.  Believe me … 4 was enough of Hell.
  • Pick a block for Knee Ups x 20 each leg.
  • Lined up at one side of the row of blocks.  Lunge walk to first block, box jump up and over to the other side then squat walk to next block, box jump up and over then bunny hop to last block, box jump up and over.  Same thing coming back.
  • lined up for a run.  Ran to back of the covered area where the raccoon crawls walls are and did both walls then jog to the blocks and jump up and over each block in the area.  There was also a picnic table perfectly lined up with the blocks, so we went up and over that too.  Did 2 full laps of that.
  • Back to the wall for Australian Plank Jack / Mountain Climber x 15 OYO.
  • pick a block for plank crawl / crab crawl new exercise.  start in plank and plank crawl from one corner of the block to the other, then switch to crab and go to the next corner and keep alternating until you’ve taken 5 laps around your block.

Cool down

Moseyed back to parking log for some stretching, count-a-rama & name-a-rama.

Polyp mentioned that he saw that there may be an F3 Dads Camp in August.  Keep a lookout for sign ups on that.

Ended with a squat for prayer.  (the hardest squat of the day)

Great workout and in the words of Little Wayne “you’re doing great!”

Winthorpe Out!

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