Ruck It BackBlast – Work to be Done

  • When: 05/11/2020
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Purdy Mouth, Bitcoin (QIC)

What a beautiful morning!  Purdy Mouth joined YHC for Ruck It today.  With very little fanfare, we rucked up and got started:

  • Warm-up lap around Union Point Park block


  • One Pax would carry, in addition to his ruck, the 40 lb sandbag for 1/2 lap
  • At each 1/2 lap interval, Pax would perform certain Ruckercise and/or Sandbaggercise
  • 2nd Pax would carry sandbag back to beginning — enjoyed conversation so much, a couple of times we each forgot we were toting the sandbag, and therefore did not switch at the 1/2 lap point — carried full for full lap
  • Rinse & Repeat until Hard Stop
  • Beatdown included (but not necessarily limited to):
    • Rucked Up Merkins, OMD, 20x
    • Rucked Up Squats, OMD, 20x
    • Ruck Curl w/ Overhead Press, IC, 20x
    • Rucked Up Bear Crawl
    • Sandbag Cleans, 20x with Partner holding Al Gore & Flip Flop
    • Upright Ruck Rows, IC, 15x
    • Bent Over Ruck Rows, IC, 15x
    • Alternating Over-the-Shoulder Sandbag Drops, 20x with Partner performing Rucked Up Lunges, 10x per leg

Closed with a gorgeous sunrise!

YHC has an extra ruck for anyone interested in giving Ruck It a try.

Faulkner on Q for the rest of the week.

Bitcoin out!

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