03/25/2020 Virtual Workout

  • WHAT: 03/25/2020 Virtual Workout
  • WHERE: Right Outside Your Front Door
  • WHEN: "Gather" 0525, Start 0530, Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Rainy
  • WHY: Social Distancing with Continued Accountability #2

    • If you’re interested in participating in the virtual AO, text me- 252-670-6023 to “join.”

      Nothing magical here, stealing from F3 Winston-Salem (Link: https://www.f3winstonsalem.com/f3/virtual-q-for-conspiracy-mayhem/):

      Virtual Q for conspiracy/mayhem



      Virtual Q for conspiracy/mayhem

      QIC: palin

      Date: 3/25/20

      PAX: All PAX in F3Nation

      Virtual workout

      To celebrate the start of social distancing, week #2, here is your virtual Q. I wrote it to be FNG (friendly new guy) friendly, so feel to share or forward to anyone that may be interested.

      Select a track or a block of your neighborhood (bonus points for a block that involves lots of hills!). Workout involves running around said location, stopping along the way for 4 pain stations at which you will perform the exercises described below. Continue repeating the circuit for 45 minutes.



      Stop #1

      • Iron Mikes x10 – A much cooler name for “jump lunges”, “lunge jumps”, or “scissors jumps”… performed in various military units as a grinder exercise. A 4-count exercise: ONE- left leg lunge, TWO- jump up from lunge position reversing legs in the air, THREE- right leg lunge, FOUR- jump up from lunge position reversing legs in air…
      • Heels to Heaven x20 – 4-count exercise while laying on back, hands at side or under butt: ONE- legs extended, feet 6 inches off the ground, TWO- bring knees to chest, THREE- extend legs straight into the air, lifting but off the ground, FOUR- knees to chest, returning to position one
      • BTTW x30 sec – find a sturdy vertical surface (i.e. wall, tree, etc.), assume a handstand position and place feet on wall for balance, support, adjust lean angle as needed

      Stop #2

      • WMD x10 – a series of three push-ups, first with hands wide apart, second with hands at regular width, and third with hands forming a diamond under your face. To be performed in rapid sequence.
      • American Hammer x20 – While on your butt in partial sit up position with heals just off the ground, twist at the waist so that both hands held together almost touch the ground beside your waist, alternating in cadence from side to side. Hold a brick in your hands for bonus points.
      • Low plank x30 sec – plank position, on your elbows, back straight

      Stop #3

      Stop #4

      • Carolina Dry Dock x10 – Modified push-up. Bend only your elbows, allowing body to drop head toward hands without lowering your butt
      • Freddie Mercury x20 – bicycle sit-up. Alternate extending legs and arms in a bicycling motion during the sit-up.
      • Al gore x30 sec – Pretend to hug a tree from the squat position

      That’s all folks!

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