Red Light, Green Light

A pax of 6 including an FNG – welcome K-2SO (Star Wars fan who has recently been reprogrammed to be the dad of twins)! The disclaimer was recited with a high amount of accuracy.


We started rucking.

The Thang

A direct knock-off of Peeping Tom’s traffic light Qs, we headed West on S. Front St. As we entered the block containing the traffic light, we followed a general pattern as follows:

  • East/West Streets: green – ruck; yellow – lunge walk; red – plank
  • North/South Streets: green – ruck; yellow – lunge walk; red – Al Gore

Continued to Metcalf and then a right on Pollock. Reaching S. Front St and no traffic light in sight, we Snake-rucked to the traffic circle and then headed West on Broad St. Flummoxed by a blinking yellow light at Craven St, an extended lunge walk was called and midwife noises commenced. An audible was called and the lunge walk was shortened. The pace quickened as time was running out, so we rucked up to Metcalf with the final traffic light being used was at Pollock/Metcalf. We rucked back to the gazebo with intermittent double time to keep our time right.




Bridge Run/Ruck – sign up – we are currently at 19. We want to make certain we are the largest group represented that day.

Thank you for allowing me to lead. We need Qs – please sign up in advance.




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