The Noreaster Beaster

The weather apparently shifted overnight and a breezy but beautiful morning greeted 8 hearty souls that were heavy on the ‘respect’ end of the age range until a few youngsters (relatively) showed up to enjoy the Fitness, Fellowship and Fitness. No FNGs present so we jumped into it.


  • SSH 4CICx20
  • Sun Gods 4CICx10; reverso
  • Mountain Man Poopers 4CICx10
  • Downward Dog; Upward Dog

The Thang

Logic won out and we headed to the overhang for protection from the wind vs. the track. A mid-range mosey around to warm-up and we settled in for some circuit work. 4 corners were used as stations with varying modes of travel between them. We bear-crawled up & over the boxes, crab walked, walk crabbed, crawl beared, lunge walked and walk lunged our way around. The sequence of exercises were as follows:

  • Leg throws w/partner OYOx25; flaphack
  • Chapel Hill Debutantes OMUx10 each leg
  • Perkins w/partner OMDx20; flapjack
  • American Hammers 4CICx15
  • Fire Hydrants OMUx25 each leg
  • Wide Merkins OMDx20
  • Plank Jacks 4CICx20
  • Copperhead Squats OMDx25
  • Shoulder Taps 4CICx20
  • Box Cutters 4CICx25
  • Mountain Climbers 4CICx15
  • Spidey Merkins OMDx20
  • (warmed up and wanting a break to mosey around – we moved out to the parking lot to continue moseying to each corner for exercises)
  • WWIs OYOx20
  • Lunges OYOx20
  • Carolina Dry Docks OMDx20
  • Monkey Squats (Ski Abs) 4CICx10
  • Slurpees (slow count burpees that my count/leadership failed) 4CICx10
  • Carolina Dry Docks OMDx20
  • Low Slow Flutters 4CICx25
  • Monkey Humpers 4CICx20
  • V Dry Docks (pushed up on toes) OMD x20
  • (moved back to overhang to wind down for last round)
  • Squat Jumps OYOx20
  • Hinge Box Squats OMDx25
  • Dry Ball Merkins OMDx10 (feet close to hands with weight pushing over shoulders – painful)
  • Heel Raises OYOx50 (just because we were there and Cuddy couldn’t stop himself)

Mosey back to front parking lot.


  • LBCs OMUx30

Someone started counting off and it was well received by the pax. Counted off, name-o-rama, no announcements, pax prayed The Lord’s Prayer to close. Off to Pete & Nikki’s – good showing and we solved a lot of big world problems! Always good to share and learn from one another.

Great fellowship this am – aye!


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