Ruck It BackBlast – The RuckLek

  • When: 10/28/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Hilfiger (RESPECT), Bitcoin (QIC)

YHC was feeling benevolent this morning as the Pax assembled.  Having a particular plan in mind, YHC allowed for some brief discussion about how the morning would commence.  With Double Dipper experiencing some lingering effects of the previous week, it was decided to modify the original plan.  We left our starting point at the Union Point Park Gazebo at a brisk pace while a new plan was devised on the fly.

After a 3/10th mile warm up, we began what would be our routine for the morning – Ruck Running Intervals.  The Pax would effectively mosey with our rucks for a distance, then recover while walking a distance.  Squats for the 6 as needed after each Ruck Run.  Rinse and Repeat along the entire route.

Total distance covered just shy of 3 miles in a time of approx. 36 minutes.  We concluded a few minutes early due to the fact we covered our distance in less than our time allotment.  Super work put forth by the Pax.  Double Dipper won the speed prize as he was the first to complete each of the intervals.  He would hit his turbo button at about the halfway mark so as to be able to do the bonus squats.

Pyro on Q for Bushwood.



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