Guerrilla Ops August #RuckingChallenge – The Hammer

  • When: 8/12/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Hilfiger (RESPECT), McRib, Bitcoin (QIC)

A 4-Pax posted this morning to test themselves via Part 2 of the August #RuckingChallenge.  Mission Statement & Disclaimer were given to the group and we got started.  YHC had a special coupon for Little Dipper as well as one if we had an odd man out.  Alas, they were not needed.  Missed seeing you in the gloom, Little Dipper … and others.


  • Sungods, IC, 10x, Reverse 6x (YHC misued vocal inflection on the reverso)
  • Cotton Pickers, IC, 10x
  • Hamstring & Calf Stretches OYO

MACV-SOG had an extensive area of operation that included Thailand, Laos, North Vietnam, and Cambodia.  The Command and Control Detachments were located in the North (CCN), Central (CCC), and the South (CCS).  Each team in these detachments used different code names; the North used venomous snakes like cobra and viper, the Central used state names, and the South used tool names like hammer and miter.  All teams were self-sufficient, yet worked toward the same general goals.


  • 400M Partner Carry – As a team, cumulatively complete a 400M Buddy Carry.  Swap partners at any time.
  • As a team,  accumulate total reps:  300 Ruck Swings, 300 Sit Ups, 200 Lunges, 200 Overhead Ruck Press**
  • 400M Partner Carry – As a team,  cumulatively complete a 400M Buddy Carry.  Swap partners at any time.

** Each partner will do half the reps, but they can be split up however you choose with one Pax working at a time.  IF YOU ARE SOLO, COMPLETE HALF OF THE REPS

This ended up being a burner of a workout (lungs, legs, shoulders, abs).  YHC thought there would be leftover time, but there was not.  All Pax were fully engaged with the only down time coming either when you were the passenger for the Buddy Carry, or were the “Pax-At-Rest” while your partner was busting out reps.  The team of Double Dipper and McRib were most impressive during the Buddy Carry, with each Pax carrying the other at a high rate of speed, either with a Fireman Carry or Piggyback.  Hilfiger and YHC were slow and steady, and still got the requisite work done.

Today’s workout reminded YHC of a particular maxim — “In theory, there is no difference between theory and reality.  In reality, there is.”  How did this apply to today you might ask?  On paper (i.e. In theory), the workout seemed easy enough.  However, the reality showed that the workout was indeed a test, and took the entire allocation of time to complete.

Any Pax who are interested can complete the workout OYO, either with a partner as described above, or solo, also as described above.  If solo, in addition to your ruck, you will need to carry another coupon (sandbag, bucket of sand/rocks, section of tree, you get the idea).  Get the workout done so you will remain on track for the August #RuckingChallenge and earn your patch.  Mr. Roboto provided a link in his BackBlast from last week.

We circled up for a quick prayer and then were dismissed.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  See above right for GrowRuck17.  If you want a test, this is your event.  Sign up, pay up and train up.

Great work by the Pax today.

Bitcoin out!

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