The Point BB: 4 stops

  • When: 07/19/2019
  • QIC: McRib
  • The Pax: Oz, Unicorn, Blue Hawaiian, Faulkner, Mr. Roboto, Stick Built, Plan B, Peeping Tom, Morning, Bitcoin, Acolyte, Pyro, Black Dog, Stye, Goose, Gander, Cuddy, Door Knob, Double Dipper, McRib (QIC)

20 strong posted for the best view YHC is aware of for an AO.  Here’s what went down.


  • Windmills IC X 10
  • Cotton Pickers IC X 10
  • Helicopters IC X 10
  • Michael Phelps IC X 10
  • Downward Dog into Upward Dog


  • Stop one (in field between flags and yoga) – 30 WWI OYO mosey to corner at entrance
  • Stop two – Curb tempo Merkins – right hand on curb IC X 10, Feet on Curb IC X 10, Left hand on curb IC X 10, sprint to corner and pick up rock (rip rap)
  • Stop three – Rock sumo squats OYO X 30 – back straight let rock touch ground.  Mosey to swing set border
  • Stop four – tempo dips IC X 20, spring back to stop one

Rinse and repeat X 4, last round of Curb tempo Merkins IC X 6 – 2 sets, stop three was 30 squat jumps, stop 4 tempo dips IC X 25. Mosey back to field for


  • Sun gods F/R IC X 10
  • Dying cockroach IC X 20 (4 count)
  • Heel touches IC X 20
  • LBCs OMU X 50
  • American Hammers IC X 25 facing sunrise

YHC closed in prayer, Stye on for birthday Q tomorrow at the Bear.

Great work this morning by all, always an honor to lead.  See, I told you you’d feel better afterwards.

McRib out – dont’ be a LTO.



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